Chelseas defence team exploded again! Manchester United official mockery: want to kick you

 Chelseas defence team exploded again! Manchester United official mockery: want to kick you

The reason why Chelseas defence has become a disaster is very simple. Two full-backs crushed and attacked, leaving a big gap behind them unfilled. Two central defenders in the middle are tall and slow, with no tacit understanding. In addition, there is no strong defensive ability outside midfielder Cantor, and the counter-attack breaks through the whole defence minute by minute. This was evident against Norwich, and to make matters worse, Lampard did not have a very good way to improve the situation three weeks after the start of the season.

With seven goals missing in three matches, Christensen and Zuma have made a great contribution to each other. Both of them are excellent forward defenders with big headers, but the speed of turning around and recovering is too slow and the ability of forecasting is insufficient, which has become a fatal weakness. Chelsea fans can only miss Sallys partner Louis and Ludig more and more now, although no one has yet figured out why Lampard let him go. The way the Blues conceded the ball after several games was the same, almost all of which was due to the counter-attack breaking through the defence. On Norwichs second goal, we can see that in the moment of Puccis forward insertion, they were standing too far away, Pucci suddenly threw away the whole defense line, and it became very easy to shoot in the face of Capa.

Another reason why defense has become a stubborn problem is that the midfielders have no protection for the defence. Kovacic and Jordinio are both more offensive than defensive. They are not traditional defensive midfielders. They are not good at encircling, pursuing and intercepting. They are really involved in fouls. As soon as they attacked, they left a huge gap behind them, which was like a fictitious midfield barrier. In the absence of Cantor, as it is today, it added more trouble to the already stressful defense line.

Before Manchester Uniteds tournament kicked off, the official pushed Chelsea ahead of the Red Devil and Crystal Palace games, and never forgot to tease one of his men about their defeat. Hopefully we can play Chelsea again, though (its impossible)... Once the British premier made all teams fear the solid defense line has now become the object of public recognition, thinking is also sad.

There is still room for improvement in the midfield and good news for the defence. After a long period of injury, Ludig has returned to training, comeback has entered the countdown, his comeback will be able to slightly save Lampard this do not know how to reform the line of defence.

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