Goalkeeper 1 big foot Manchester Uniteds sky-high defence collapsed! Laughing at Chelseas face

 Goalkeeper 1 big foot Manchester Uniteds sky-high defence collapsed! Laughing at Chelseas face

Manchester United spent 130 million pounds on the introduction of Marquis and Wanpisaka defenders this summer, and the high-priced defensive line was highly praised in the first two matches, but the high-priced defensive line of Waterproof Crystal Palaces counter-attack showed great flaws. Crystal Palace coach Hodgson specializes in playing Lindlov at right centre-back. Lindlovs weak body and poor heading ability cant resist the impact of several black players in Crystal Palace. Marquel, who played well before, has exposed the problem of slow recovery and movement. After Lindlovs problems, he has no time to go in. Make up for it.

And in order to reduce the protection of Lindlov by the rest of Manchester United, Hodgson changed the usual 442 formation to 433 formation, let left-winger Schlupe pull out right-back Wan Pisa Kala, and add a player in the midfield: Kuat specially controlled Bogba, so that Lindlovs shortcomings were magnified. The Crystal Palace attack on Manchester Uniteds defensive line can be used as a learning material for other teams.

Manchester Uniteds offense, like Chelseas in the first round, had possession of the ball, but it was difficult to score. The once-equalized goal was the counterattack of Bogbas midfielders stoppage, which gave James a chance to shoot in the penalty area without any defenders. Manchester Uniteds first-round 4-0 victory over Chelsea last season was a big problem. But the main threat offense in the first-round was made by the rapid advance of the defensive turn. The next two games against Wolves and Crystal Palace were all under the expectation of United fans. Solskjaer coached Manchester United for half a year. Threatened attack or sprint by speed.

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