Educational Review: Master studentswillfulness or helplessness in the College Entrance Examination?

 Educational Review: Master studentswillfulness or helplessness in the College Entrance Examination?

Only by doing well can we learn better. Once a person has a particular direction or occupation he loves, he can fight for it better. When Bill Gates took the law department of Harvard University, he found that the required courses were not interesting and decided to drop out and concentrate on the computer industry he loved. If we stretch the scale of life, we will find that loyalty to the cause we love is the greatest value of life. University majors often determine the career that people will be engaged in in in their lifetime. Choosing a preferred major can often stimulate their learning motivation and achieve something.

Of course, the courage to return to the college entrance examination for the ideal major is commendable, but such risks and costs are obviously too cruel, for more people, this senior player operation may not be feasible. In order to let more students learn what they want and record what they need, it is necessary to find shortcuts in smoothing professional channels and optimizing professional settings. In the past ten years, some universities in China have introduced some policies to change their majors, which have solved the contradiction between the difficulty of changing majors and the high demand for changing majors to a certain extent. However, there are still many restrictions in the process of transferring from school to specialty, and it is even easier to re-enter the college entrance examination. The major of liberal arts and science can not be transferred to each other, and the major transformation needs to meet certain performance requirements. Some non-comprehensive schools do not set up medical specialty, can not realize the transfer of specialty within the school, or can not apply for undergraduate specialty study according to the credits already obtained, and so on. It is not free to change majors. Schools have school reasons and pains: it will lead to a pile of popular majors, cold majors, and maybe unfair because of different professional admission scores. However, none of these considerations can be used as a reason to restrict the development of students according to their interests.

Why cant we learn one line, love one line

A good life plan means doing the right thing at the right age. The expectation of the society for the 20-year-old graduates of masters degree should be to actively devote themselves to work and find the value of life in the struggle. This is also in line with the law of personal development: when learning ability is strongest, strive to learn, and then with the courage and hard work of a newborn calf in the workplace to accept wrestling. Zhang studied undergraduate at the age of 26 and took part in his work in his 30s. His experience is not as good as his peers, his trial-and-error capital is not as good as the current students, and his competitiveness is worrying. There are not many eight years to waste in life. If you take a different road, you will lose the opportunity to go with the tide. In the future stage of employment, like sailing against the wind, you need to redouble your efforts. If we only consider local factors rather than overall planning when planning our life, the limitation of the vision that only trees can be seen but forests can not be seen will probably make todays choices and often encounter frustration on the way of life in the future.

If the above problems can be remedied by efforts, then the waste of economic and educational resources caused by repeated undergraduate study is irreversible. I wonder if Mr. Zhang can afford to study independently. If at the age of 26, he still relies on his parents for financial support to complete his studies, we can only lament that it is not easy to be a parent. More importantly, teaching resources are extremely valuable in higher education, especially at the stage of masters education. Learning without using is like winning a treasure at an auction and abandoning it like a broom, which is unfair to those who really need this opportunity. A considerable portion of the higher education funds in China are financially shared, so the burden of university tuition fees is not too heavy. It should be noted that in some countries with high degree of marketization of higher education, such as Britain and the United States, it is very common for students to choose other majors because they can not afford the tuition fees of their favorite majors. Re-reading undergraduate course willfully wastes the cost of education invested by parents, and also wastes the education funds subsidized by the state, which is a waste that people can not agree with.

If you like a major, why do you have to reread it? Yang Yuba, the director of The Devil Child of Nezha, loves animation. He does not reread the animation major, but accumulates experience in practice and achieves his dream step by step. In other words, after eight years of study, cant we cultivate some interests? Dare to love, dare to hate is courage in the major, and learn to love and hate one line is not a kind of responsibility?

Source: Yu Rainbow_NBJ11060, responsible editor of Xinhua Daily