Rainstorm! Heavy rain! Typhoon Bailu is coming! Henan again battle heavy rain!

 Rainstorm! Heavy rain! Typhoon Bailu is coming! Henan again battle heavy rain!

The summer season is over (August 23), and the days ahead will gradually cool down.

Take Zhengzhou as an example. In mid-September, we began to say goodbye to the high temperature of 3 and usher in the beautiful day of 2.

But we still have a long way to go before its really cool. According to meteorological standards, the average daily temperature drops steadily to below 22 degrees Celsius before autumn.

It is gratifying to note that the weather in Henan Province is relatively stable these days, the temperature is gradually decreasing slightly, and the wide range of high temperature days are gradually fading away. Next, lets wait for the coming of autumn.~

The Autumn Tiger still needs attention after its emergence

Although there will be a cooling situation in Henan in the future, we still need to remind you that the temperature in most parts of China is still high, and we still need to be on guard against autumn tigers. So how does the autumn tiger in Henan Province behave after the fall?

Looking at the map of Autumn Tiger in Henan Province, there are only Little Tiger and Paper Tiger.

But when paper tiger meets real white deer...

Send off Lichma and usher in White Deer

It is expected that the White Deer will move northwest at a speed of about 20 kilometers per hour, gradually strengthening its strength and approaching the eastern coast of Taiwan Island. It will land on or pass the southeastern coast of Taiwan Island in the daytime on 24th and then approach the coast of Guangdong and Fujian.

Because of its extreme destructive power, the Typhoon Committee removed Haiyan from the list and formally replaced Haiyan with White Deer in 2015. This is Typhoon No. 11, Bailu, in 2019.

So will White Deer be as strong as Lichma in the future? At present, it is not particularly good to grow up in a multi-center environment. It seems a bit difficult to cultivate the level of Lichma, but for Henan, it is more than enough to drive away paper tiger.

So, will this typhoon Bailu affect Henan?

In the next few days, Henan will fight heavy rain again!

Saturday: There are showers and thunderstorms in the north and west.

Sunday: There are showers, thunderstorms in the north and southeast, and moderate to heavy rains in some areas.

The cloud system around typhoon Bailu began to affect the southeastern part of our province on the 25th night. On the 26th, the rainy area gradually expanded to the eastern, central and southern parts. There were moderate to heavy rains and partial rainstorms in the eastern and southern parts.

Affected by the high-altitude trough and low eddy shear, there will be moderate to heavy rains and heavy rainstorms in the next three days in parts of the Northwest China, the West and South of North China, the Northeast China, the South of Huanghuai River and the North of Jianghuai River. Affected by rainfall, there will be no high temperature in the next few days in our province, and the temperature difference between day and night will gradually increase after summer. However, the high temperature still has the possibility of counterattacking, and autumn tiger will appear from time to time.

Passengers on the autumn train should pay more attention to weather information, grasp the rainwater and the autumn tiger time, prepare umbrellas when it rains, and autumn tiger sunscreen when it appears!

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On the 25th, cloudy days were observed in the north and southeast, with showers and thunderstorms in some areas, moderate to heavy rain in some areas, and cloudy in others. On the cloudy day of June 26, there were showers and thunderstorms in most parts of the province, including moderate to heavy rains in the eastern and southern parts and partial rainstorms.

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