Its evil! Manchester United lost penalties in two consecutive rounds at Bogbarashford Full Play Street

 Its evil! Manchester United lost penalties in two consecutive rounds at Bogbarashford Full Play Street

Bogba missed a penalty in the last round against Wolves, which caused a stir after the game. Several English commentators criticized not only Bogba, but also coach Solskjaer. English commentators believe that Rushford should be Uniteds first penalty kicker. Bogba is selfish in grabbing a penalty kick. Solskjaer, as coach, should make sure that Rushford is the first penalty kicker before the game.

English commentators supported Rushford because Rushford scored a penalty in the first round against Chelsea and cited Rushfords adult teams record of 100% success in penalty shootouts at clubs and national teams. In the 69th minute of the match against Crystal Palace, Manchester United won a penalty. There was no dispute over the right to a free throw. Solskjaer had identified Rushford as the first goalscorer, but Rushford lost the penalty. Rushfords shot defrauded Crystal Palace goalkeeper Guaita, but because he was too angular, the ball hit the bottom line on the left post and missed the chance to score for Manchester United.

It is not clear whether Rushford was affected by Bogbas penalty throw and off-court factors when he took the penalty, but the result shows everything. English commentators strongly supported Rushford Adultspenalty shoot-outs, but in fact Rushford made four penalties before the game. The shoot-outs were shot-outs, but there were too few samples.

In fact, most offensive players have no problem with penalty kicks, shooting skills and shooting power. The biggest problem with penalty kicks is psychology. Bogba, who plays the ball emotionally, is one of the best examples. And Rushford is not a calm player. In matches, Rushford often drives the ball alone with his head on. There are still scenes of Rushfords emotions and rivalry. In character, Rushford does not seem to be an ideal penalty kicker.

Manchester United scored penalties in the first three rounds, the second in Premier League history, and Chelsea in the 2012-13 season. Unlike Manchester United, Chelsea scored three penalties, while Manchester United scored only one.

After Rushford missed the penalty, Solskjaer continued to have a headache for Manchester Uniteds penalty kick. Should Rushford or Bogba continue to take the penalty next time? Manchester Uniteds poor penalty shoot-outs have persisted in recent years. Last season (2017-18 season), Manchester United exchanged three consecutive penalties for three different players. Manchester Uniteds poor penalty shoot-outs can also reflect that Manchester United is not the temperament of the past Ferguson era.

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