News broadcasting 13 minutes and 8 consecutive rounds of Chinas efforts to promote the United States and immediately stop its erroneous practices

 News broadcasting 13 minutes and 8 consecutive rounds of Chinas efforts to promote the United States and immediately stop its erroneous practices

For this action by the US side, the Peoples Daily, which will be published tomorrow (25), will publish a bell article entitled Chinas Firm Counter-revolutionary Stand Will Never Shake.

The article said that the world laments that some people in the United States continue to violate the consensus of the two heads of state, the principle of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, and are unafraid of anomie as the worlds largest economy, which will have devastating consequences for the international order and the world economy.

The article points out that in response to the escalating economic and trade frictions against China initiated unilaterally by the US side, China has made a rational and restrained counter-decision, which is a forced action, totally different from the provocative nature of the US side. China is confident that it will follow its own path and do its own thing well, and will never waver in its stand against any provocation by the US side.

Xinhua News Agency today (24) broadcast a commentary on Economic resilience is the greatest underpinning of Chinas resolute rebellion. The article points out that in the face of Chinas latest trade counter-measures, the United States declares that it will increase the tariff rate on about $550 billion of Chinese goods imported to the United States. Such naked trade protectionism and extreme pressure are contrary to the consensus of the heads of state of China and the United States and expose the true face of American trade bullying, which China firmly opposes. The economic and trade frictions between China and the United States over the past year have reinforced our conviction that the strong resilience and great potential of Chinas economy are the greatest strength of our resolute resistance and our confidence in advancing bravely without fear of the storm. After 70 glorious years, time has long proved that Chinas long-term economic development trend will not change. China will unswervingly do its own thing, and there is no force to block the progress of Chinas development.

With the approval of the State Council, the Tariff and Tax Commission of the State Council issued two announcements in succession on the evening of the 23rd. It decided to impose 10% and 5% unequal tariffs on 5078 items of goods originating in the United States, about $75 billion. They will be implemented in two batches starting from 12:01 on September 1, 2019 and 12:01 on December 15, 2019 (for details). In addition, since 12:01 on December 15, 2019, a 25% and 5% tariff has been imposed on the recovery of automobiles and parts originating in the United States (see details).

In a sharp commentary by Taiwan International, Responding resolutely to irrational pressure with rational counter-measures, it was pointed out that China had to take necessary counter-measures to deal with unilateralism and trade protectionism in the United States. Just two hours after the news, White House trade adviser Navarro said that the scale of Chinas countervailing tariffs was not something the stock market should worry about. However, all three major U.S. stock indexes fell in response, which just shows the markets concern about the escalation of Sino-U.S. economic and trade frictions. In a hurry, some Americans threatened to escalate tariff revenge, with a maximum tax rate of 30%. This irrational statement shows that it was caught off guard against Chinas resolute counter-measures and attempted to exert pressure on Chinas limit by continuing to play horizontal.

In fact, experts believe that the measures we have issued are both internal and external, well-considered, and precise countermeasures implemented with rational restraint (see the details). For example, counter-measures continue the previous precise strike strategy and take full account of the effect of counter-measures. In addition, Chinas anti-measures announced this time also fully take into account the issue of substitution after the imposition of tariffs. At the same time, the countermeasure did not include drugs, medical devices and other products in the tariff list. It reduces the impact on peoples lives and enterprises, and reflects the precise, powerful and comprehensive counter-measures.

Experts believe that because the United States intends to impose tariffs on Chinese goods, there are few alternatives, which means that the vast majority of American producers and consumers will pay for the new tariffs.

As the spokesman said, China is confident that it will follow its own path and do its own thing well, and will never waver in its stand against any provocation by the US side. Yes, the more critical the moment is, the more confident and motivated you are, and with strength and potential, you will not be afraid of any difficulties. Peng Mei News noted that todays Guangming Daily published a 6,000-word long article on its front page entitled Chinas Bone, Chinas Bottom Spirit, Chinas Ambition - the Foundation of Firm Force and the Source of Belief in Dealing with Sino-US Economic and Trade Friction. The article emphasizes that only by reviewing the backbone, undertone and ambition behind Chinas development can we understand what is called Chinas economy is a sea, not a small pond; as long as we firm the inherent spirit, undertone and ambition of the Chinese nation, face difficulties calmly, respond accurately, we will surely be able to compete in this will. In quantity, we should maintain our strategic strength and win the ultimate victory of justice and justice.

The article says: Another round of noisy face-changing drama and another turbulent and disorderly drumming point. Faced with the extreme pressure of escalating economic and trade frictions, Chinas answer remains firm and forceful.u2014u2014

In the Sino-US economic and trade negotiations, Chinas principles and positions remain the same, its efforts and sincerity remain the same, and its demands for equality and respect remain the same. In any extreme pressure, pressure comes not from panic and submission, but from perseverance, fearlessness and determination.

The economic and trade frictions between China and the United States, which have attracted worldwide attention for more than a year, are just another necessary obstacle in the process of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In the face of challenges, the Chinese people have worked together to shine their eyes and boost their confidence in the struggle, to see the prospects for national development more clearly and to straighten up the backbone of self-reliance and self-reliance.

The article concludes by saying that Er Caos body and fame are extinct, and the river will never be abandoned. Nobody can stop the Chinese peoples yearning for a better life. China, which advocates harmony and coexistence and harmony and all nations, will always embody the responsibility of the community of human destiny. Together with the international community, China will transform its solemn commitment into concrete actions and work together to build a better future for mankind.