Premier League - 45 million new signings scored two degrees plus a backhand! West Ham 3-1 Watford

 Premier League - 45 million new signings scored two degrees plus a backhand! West Ham 3-1 Watford

Aston Villa 2-0 Everton

In the 21st minute, Wesley threw the ball in the forbidden area and then pushed the right foot to break the goal, 1?-0. In the 5th minute of stoppage time, McKins penalty area was directly blocked and Ergazi inserted it. The left side of the penalty area pushed the right foot of the visiting goalkeeper to break the door and lock the score, 2-0.

Brighton 0-2 Southampton

In the 30th minute, Andoni was sent off for a foul by pedaling Valerie. In the 55th minute, Danny Inces midfield shifted horizontally and passed the ball to Jenebo, who scored 0-1 with a strong right foot shot outside the penalty area. In the first minute of injury stoppage time, Buffalos left underpass, Raymonds right foot shot close in front of the door to lock the score, 0-2.

Sheffield United 1-2 Leicester City

In the 38th minute, Leicester grabbed Sheffield Uniteds football from the front court, Madison sent out the straight plug, and the left foot of the Valdi restricted area shot through the door, 0-1. In the 62nd minute, Bardock crossed 45 degrees on the right, McBernie shook his head in front of the back post and headed the ball, 1-1. In the 70th minute, Blue Fox crossed the corner ball from the left, Serin crossed the back post in front of the header, and the right foot of Barnesforbidden area volleyed the ball into the air, 1-2.

Watford 1-3 West Ham United

In the 3rd minute, Dukulei fouled Lancini in the restricted area, West Ham was awarded a penalty, Noble took the lead in shooting-out, 0-1. In the 17th minute, Hughes was in front of the field, and a small angle shot from the right side of Greys forbidden area equalized, 1-1. The 64th minute, Felipe Anderson forbidden area left side of the bottom line inverted triangle pass, Alai forbidden area middle follow-up right foot shot to break the door again beyond the score, 1?-2. The 73rd minute, Lancini corner pass, Antonios header was thrown out by the crossbeam, Aleman front barbed, 1-3.

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