Drug traffickers watch anti-drug movies and TV series at home and police burst in.

 Drug traffickers watch anti-drug movies and TV series at home and police burst in.

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Drug traffickers watch anti-drug movies and TV dramas at home and police suddenly burst in. (Source: ~)

Recently, the police in Yintai, Tongchuan, Shaanxi Province, knocked down a drug addiction and trafficking den. It is ironic that when the police broke into the den, the drug dealers were watching anti-drug movies and TV dramas. The police caught it on the spot. More than 50 grams of heroin and methamphetamine were seized on the spot, and more than 180 drug addiction tools were seized.

At the end of July this year, the Yintai police in Tongchuan City received a response from the masses that Wang Mou, a resident of Tongchuan City, bought drugs and the police rushed to the scene to control them.

After the interrogation, Wang confessed that the drugs he bought were from Li Mou. After the police locked Li Mou in, they formulated a detailed arrest plan and took prompt action to arrest him. After interrogation, the police succeeded in destroying a drug addiction and trafficking den, capturing 8 drug addicts, seizing more than 50 grams of various drugs, criminal detention of 2 people, compulsory isolation of 6 drug addicts, and new discovery of 2 drug addicts.

Up to August 22, the anti-drug brigade of the Yintai Public Security Bureau cracked down on four drug trafficking cases, including four criminal detainees, a total of 30 drug addicts were dealt with, 23 drug addicts were forcibly segregated, one drug addict was transferred from administrative detention to community detention, and six new drug addicts were found in administrative detention.

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