Parents divorced and went to wash and cook for a 5-year-old boy to take care of his paralyzed grandfather

 Parents divorced and went to wash and cook for a 5-year-old boy to take care of his paralyzed grandfather

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Parents do not know where to go after divorce! The 5-year-old boy washed and cooked to take care of his paralyzed grandfather to support a family (Source: ~)

In Huanan County, Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, Yangyang, a 5-year-old boy, laundries and cooks, takes care of his grandfather who is paralyzed in bed, which makes countless netizens both moved and distressed.

In the 35 square meters colored steel house in Hongcheng Village, Jinsha Township, Huanan County, the reporter saw this sensible and smiling boy, Yangyang, who depended on his bed-ridden grandfather.

The small house they lived in was very dilapidated. The cookers, frying pans, kettles and power were all put on the ground for the convenience of Xiaoyangyang.

Yang Yang not only cooks hot meals, washes clothes and washes dishes, but also serves grandpas defecation, helps grandpa turn over, and helps grandpa sit up.

Grandfather Xu Wenchang suffered from severe rheumatism. The government built a new house for them in Jinsheng village, where their household registration is located. But they did not move in because they were not familiar with the place, and they had lived in Hongcheng Village for more than 20 years. Relatives and friends could help each other. Usually, Tai Grandma came to deliver the meals. Yangyang just heated up the meals from Tai Grandma, and the grandparents and grandchildren could cope with them for one day.

What about Yangyangs parents? Grandpa Xu Wenchang said that Yangyangs parents divorced after they gave birth to him, and neither of them knew where to go. Before Yangyang was three years old, Xu Wenchang could barely walk. He rode three wheels of electricity to send Yangyang to kindergarten every day. Later, Xu Wenchangs condition worsened and he was confined to bed, so Yangyang never went to kindergarten again. Little by little, he learned to do housework, boil water, hot meals, and take care of his grandfather.

In the winter of 2018, Yangyang boiled water for Grandpa. He accidentally spilled a pot of boiling water on his body, causing him to run around the house in pain. When Grandpa called, Yangyang shivered and cried silently in pain.

Nowadays, Yangyangs legs are deeply scarred. Also in 2018, they experienced soot poisoning again. It was Yangyang who climbed out of the house and called for someone to save Grandpa.

Yangyangs lovely smiling face deeply grips our hearts. His smile is naive, because he does not know the hardship of life, his laughter is very bright, because he feels that grandpa is everything! It is heartening that not only the relatives and friends in the village help the grandparents, but also the local government and some kind people are paying attention to their lives. Yang Lei is one of them.

Yang Lei would come to Yangyangs house every other time to see what was missing and bring it with her when she came back. Her only idea is to hope that Yangyang can grow up healthily and happily like other children.

Yang Yangs early burden of life pressure does not belong to this age, which is Yang Leis most reassuring. Yang Lei hopes that Yangyang can go to school happily like her peers, and she is willing to continue funding.

Yang Lei, a loving person in Huanan County, said, Its just before September 1st that I want to arrange for him to go to Jinsha Primary School, including his life. I want to find a teacher to take care of him, because now hes still young, and he cant take care of himself. All the expenses come from me, anyway, from Hao. Yangs childhood now begins, until he graduates from university, if he really has this achievement, no matter which day he studies, I will support him from beginning to end.

Now for Yangyang, the biggest concern is the sick grandfather in bed. Last year, Grandpas illness was not as serious as it is now, and he could ride a battery car to send Yangyang to preschool. But in recent months, Grandpas condition has suddenly worsened, and Yangyang can only take care of Grandpa at home.

Grandpa Yangyangs illness has never been checked in a regular hospital. Even now, the elderly dont know what kind of illness they are suffering from. His greatest wish now is to get treatment as soon as possible and get better, because he also wants Yangyang to go to school carefree like other children. ?

The story of 5-year-old Yangyang has attracted the attention of many netizens. Many people want to help Yangyang.

Mr. Cong, representative of Caritas Enterprise in Jiamusi City, said, We are a 4S shop. Our plan is to donate books, daily necessities and food items.

Mr. Liang, a loving person in Harbin, said, He needs to go to school now. He needs to go to kindergarten. He needs to learn knowledge to change the fate of his family. I want to give him some money. I have limited abilities. If I have strong abilities, I always keep him in school.

Ms. Jin, a caring person in Anshan City, said: Such a young child, I think he has this belief, this heart, in the future, will certainly be able to learn well, learning can be very good. I think you should help him, hope he will keep this heart, optimistic and upward heart, go on, grow up and study hard in the future.

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