Liu Runnans bathroom towel in The Academy of Firearms appeals to netizens who want to see emotional drama

 Liu Runnans bathroom towel in The Academy of Firearms appeals to netizens who want to see emotional drama

In the latest update of the plot, Li Wenzhongs Curious Baby character is exposed and transformed into Holmo Zhong. In order to solve Xie Liangchens identity mystery, turn off the dormitory water valve to peep at the bathroom; while Xie Liangchen is not turning over the boxes and inverting the cabinets to seek evidence; moreover, he specially applies to sleep in Gu Yan frame (Xu Kai decoration) bed, in order to explore.

In the fight class, Li Wenzhong did not change the skin characteristics, intentionally informing Gu Yan frame to marry the news, the result was instead regarded as human flesh sandbag to vent their emotions. Netizens commented, Li Wenzhong is really my source of happiness!

Bath towel shape eye-catching netizens call for quick opening of emotional lines

Recently, Liu Runnan shared two sets of stills of Super A Retro Hair Style on his micro-blog. Because the shape of bath towel is too glamorous, netizens totally ignore the shape of his little brothers fried sky. Instead, they commented, The breasts are blown up, South Brothers breasts are too sexy, When to arrange a wave of womens clothes. It is estimated that the younger brother himself did not expect to share the retro hairstyle, but was teased by netizens, with a bath towel shape occupied a C position. It seems that besides the drama, whether it is Li Wenzhong or Liu Runnan, his simple and lovely image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Li Wenzhong is a domineering, bullying and disgusting character in the Firearms Academy, but in the eyes of Anyuexi as Anwen, he is a very good person. The long-term relationship and a series of events between them make love come quietly. The gradual transformation of the character image also makes the netizens from the initial disgust to love, everybody on the microblog everyday expects Li Wenzhong to quickly open the emotional line.

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