Band Together Strength musicians encounter Hell Competition System elimination and upgrading

 Band Together Strength musicians encounter Hell Competition System elimination and upgrading

If the single instrument assessment link is the strength of the musicians immortal fights, into the public performance link of Band Together will make the band group show a new edge. Wang Feng Orchestra composed of one musician and three lead singers brought Living like Summer Flowers intoxicating; Xiao Jun, Xiao Zhi, Anyu and Long Xiangnan formed the voice of the king, which not only boldly adapted Li Ronghaos composer, but also boldly said, We and other bands should refuel, especially. Its the other bands that want to cheer on! What will the original singer Li Ronghao give us?

The band of the white band is equally powerful. Chen Leyi, Xiaowu, Ma Wanwan, Deng Shiwei and A Sheng combined to deduce Dream Flowers. What kind of magical effect will the sound of A Shengs Suona bring to the stage? Li Ronghaos battle team has great abilities, such as A Red Cloth, You Are Not Really Happy, Black Sheep and other songs, which need to be savored carefully in the program.

Wheel battles ignite fighting will reluctant to give up the leader difficult choice

After entering the stage performance, the cruelty degree of Band Together has never lost the single instrument examination stage, and even upgraded to the enhanced version. According to the rules, in the stage performance, Wang Feng, Li Ronghao and pure white three groups of leaders need to send bands to perform in turn. 300 audiences will vote. The top three bands in the audience can be promoted in a whole group. The bands in the top three can be ranked four to twelve. The leader will eliminate one band in the team, and the leader will retain the whole band once. Team immunity. Three groups of leaders hold the power to add pounds, but it is related to the teams musicians to stay, the test of the leader is also added yards.

In the public performance, Yang Chumian and Mingliang did not perform as expected. How would Li Ronghao, the leader of the team, make a choice in the face of Er Jiangs mistakes, whether to eliminate them directly or to spare his immunity? Yang Chujuan and Mingliangs departure is heartbreaking. Liu Shuohan, who once thought he was going to leave on the spot because of his aberrant performance, was deeply remorseful for the trust of his team leaders and teammates. Dachun singing error freestyle temporary rescue site, but Guo Jie reluctantly, once tears for whom?

In accordance with this rhythm of development, Band Together in addition to the bombing, ahead of time into the sadistic stage. In the face of the musiciansgoing and staying, the orchestra group is split up, but the feelings between the orchestra leader and the musicians are getting stronger and stronger. Fighting for the honor of the band, the second issue of Youkus Band Together can not be missed at 8 p.m. on Saturday, August 24.

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