Daily Yile: My sister took off her high heels and drove home with her soles black.

 Daily Yile: My sister took off her high heels and drove home with her soles black.

There were no spare flat shoes on the car. My sister took off her high heels and drove home barefoot. The soles of her feet were black and painful.

No, Im going to lick the pedal clean.

Yes, but not in vain.

That... Can I lend you my car to take pictures? Let her sit in the drivers seat. Thats all right.

Looking at the girls movements, I was so frightened that my legs were soft that I was afraid she would be hurt.

Last time I was caught in GTA!

Brother, do you know who is the king of this street now?

Want to trick me into delivering express?

Tell you not to play with your car keys. Throw it out of the guardrail.

Confirmed the eyes, is the person of Lanxiang! ____________ Wherever you turn over, lie down.

Im not saying, have you ever seen NAIZI, the big sandbag? That... Can I plug in?

On how to determine how many laps your steering wheel has made

Press the V key to open the third person perspective

Ms. Zhang, tell her, Mr. Ye, the relationship is too complicated. I just want to be an ordinary distributor.

Female drivers often drive, not very good for the waist, this can prevent the occurrence of waist diseases open my favorite, pulling wind is handsome.

Men communicate without language. Every time a motorcycle is built, a beetle loses a headlight.

Dont panic, old man. Ill help you stand up! Real man, cant fall down

Girl, I saw a car in the next cars showroom. Youre as long as my future girlfriends legs. Would you like to try space for me, okay?

The light behind is so dazzling that its not safe to ride a bicycle.

The school was closed because of the rainstorm. The students had sad expressions on their faces that they could not learn.

In the evening, the last ticket of the sports car was to send a sister home. It was too late. After watching her go upstairs, I left. There were not many enthusiastic drivers like me. Only in this way can we afford the subway, which is worth tens of millions of dollars.

No, you have to shoot down. I want to supervise if you can drive in high heels. Have you ever seen a car with a skylight?

The unemployment situation of bumblebees is so terrible that only by pounding garlic madly can they survive.

Modern urban women, driving or working all day, always sitting, must pay attention to exercise the waist muscles

Yesterdays guess answer: Pentium T77, Congratulations on the IYU Road Breeze and Xuanyi Ruosu on the list~

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Daily Yile: The first time I took the high-speed rail, everything was so beautiful.

Daily Easy Cola: My girlfriend who just got the C photo is afraid to get on the bus when she wants to drive.

Daily Easy Lok: Girl, the next stop is a lot of people. Quickly put away their shoes and dont squeeze them away.

Daily Easy Lok: This trip is not cheap, so I took an asking price of 500.

Daily Yile: Girlfriend Zhenxianhui said it would save a dollar.