Fastest Forward Driver-Four-door Collar 03 Cyan Breaks Two New York North Records

 Fastest Forward Driver-Four-door Collar 03 Cyan Breaks Two New York North Records

[record breaking

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Neck 03 Cyan broke two New Zealand records (Source: NetEase Netizens)

Biyork, champion of the 2017 RV World Cup, drove a 528 horsepower Lockheed 03 Cyan concept car at an average speed of 170.4 km/h, scoring 7 minutes, 20 seconds and 143 in the North Ring of Nurburgring. It was 3 seconds faster than Jaguars previous record for the fastest four-door car and 25 seconds faster than Renaults previous record for the fastest front-end car.

Whether its in the Nurburgring or on the highway, its a very good car to drive, Bjork said. The record I set in New York is a highlight of my transition from driving an orthodox racing car to driving a highway car.

As the official partner of Geely Automobile Group in automotive sports, Cyan Racings Racing Engineer and drivers have developed the Lockheed 03 Cyan concept car, which is the highway version of the Lockheed Teams car in the WTCR. We will continue to exceed the limits we set for the Lockheed 03 Cyan concept car, which will also be part of the future Lockheeds high-performance vehicle development platform, said Henrik Fries, head of research and development at Cyan Racing. Although our main goal in the New York North Brushing Circle is R&D, our record breaking also proves that Lockheed is a Lockheed. The potential and strength of the platform.

It is worth mentioning that the result of 143 minutes, 20 seconds and 7 minutes is the official lap number record of the 20.832 km Newberg Green track, not the 20.600 km commonly used by other manufacturers. The lap number of the Lock 03 Cyan concept car at 20.600 kilometers is 7 minutes 15 seconds 123.

[Technical parameters of the Lockheed 03 Cyan concept car

Engine: 4 cylinder 1969cc turbocharged engine;

Power: 7800 to output 528 maximum power, 4500-7000 to peak torque 504 cow meters, maximum speed up to 8000rpm;

Driving system: Front wheel drive, six-speed sequential transmission, with steering wheel shift pad, can complete shift within 60MS, Multi-Slip limited differential;

Performance: 0-100 km/h acceleration 4.4 seconds, 0-200 km/h acceleration 10 seconds, 100-0 km/h braking distance 30 meters, extreme speed 310 km/h;

Maximum lateral G value: 1.5G;

Wheels: 20-inch Cyan custom hub, 285/30R20 front and rear tires;

Suspension system: Olympus adjustable shock absorption;

Brake: dual hydraulic system, front wheel 6 piston, 378 mm ventilation disc, rear wheel 2 piston, 290 mm ventilation disc;

Vehicle weight: 1287 kg.