Yan Nis private photos were exposed by her predecessor: How terrible is it to fall in love with scum?

 Yan Nis private photos were exposed by her predecessor: How terrible is it to fall in love with scum?

According to media reports, Yan Ni has an ex-boyfriend named Wang Qiming. In 2016, Yan Ni and Wang Qiming established a stable relationship and reached the stage of marriage.

But in the first half of 2018, Yan Nie broke up.

According to the explosion, Wang Qiming was very unwilling to break up. In order to recover this feeling, he knocked on Yannis door in the middle of the night. Yanni called more than 20 security guards, and Wang Qiming was scared away.

I thought that we could live in peace from now on. Who would have thought that Wang Qiming exposed the intimate photos of the two men in the past.

In the photograph, Yan Ni is completely without camouflage, appearing in a plain face and facing her boyfriend. She looks very close.

When she took the photo, she never thought that it would become a tool for her boyfriend to retaliate and hype herself in the future.

Love is a kind of thing that comes and goes, but ends and ends. At the moment of love, we all believe in each other without reservation, but you are hard to guard against. How can this person feel when his feelings fail?

Yan Nis intimate photography scale is not large, but for actors this profession, casual exposure of private life and feelings is a very serious matter. Especially after the break-up, one partys behavior of exposing photos privately has not considered the harm to the other party at all.

What about you, a beautiful and promising actress?

Im going to show the audience what you look like unloading your makeup and being intimate with a man.

I hope this ex-boyfriends behavior can stop, otherwise Yan Ni will have a headache in the future.


When it comes to slag predecessor, it has never been a scarce commodity in the entertainment industry.

The ugliest thing to tear up with her predecessor is probably Huang Yi and her ex-husband Huang Yiqing.

In 2013, they were subpoenaed to divorce and signed a divorce agreement.

On the issue of childrens custody rights, the two sides failed to reach an agreement. In order to compete for children, Huang Yiqing blatantly accused Huang Yi of infidelity in marriage in the media. It also reveals that Huang Yiren lied about his age, used his daughter to wash white and so on.

Not only that, Huang also posted a recording of his quarrel with Huang Yi on a public platform, in order to show you how rude Huang Yi is in private and to try to prove her insanity to people.

Sure enough, after this series of operations, Huang Yis team was caught by surprise, Huang Yis image fell sharply, since then, endorsement, film and television drama, fashion resources almost all lost.

A second-tier actress with a high national level was completely pulled down.

But do you think its over? Far from it.

In the years that followed, Huang Yiqing made many moves in the name of fathers love, but all he did was hurt Huang Yis mother and daughter.

She lied about Huang Yis remarriage and pregnancy. She said Huang Yi hid her child from him. She also said that her daughter had been molested by Huang Yis incumbent.

But in the end, none of these things has been proven.

After the separation of his predecessor, how many slag can be clearly understood by his performance.

He also exposed that Huang Yi was dressed in a cool private photo at home before divorce. In short, whenever Huang Yis career got a little better, Huang Yiqing was bound to throw her into hell again.

Men like this are thrilled when they think about it.

What is more terrible is that when you meet such a person, you intentionally admit that you are blind and want to get lost, and the other party refuses to let you go.

Huang Yi is unlucky, but it is not an example. When it comes to encountering the victims of ill-treatment, Wang Xinling can not but mention it.

Wang Xinling spent six years with his ex-boyfriend Fan Zhiwei, but finally broke up because of Fan Zhiweis split leg.

But things did not end after the breakup. After many years of separation, Fan Zhiwei suddenly put their intimate photos on the public platform and said, Just to commemorate it.

In an interview with the media, he unexpectedly revealed the sexual affairs of the two men before, saying that Wang Xinlings first time was not for him.

It is self-evident how much exposure has an impact on a female star.

Wang Xinling collapsed and burst into tears when he heard the news.

Does he not know how much harm his practice will do to Wang Xinling?

He is just scum and vulgar enough to have no bottom line.

Such a person, Wang Xinling will regret not to be entangled with him.

Wu Xins ex-boyfriend neednt say much. Its disgusting to embezzle Wu Xins account to expose their intimate photos after the breakup.

He can get Wu Xins account password, I think Wu Xin used to trust him, but those trust has become the other party regardless of your feelings, hurt you.

The cost of loving the wrong person is never small.


The former slag is not the patent of entertainment circles, and in real life, there are many such people.

If the above-mentioned case only stays on the spiritual injury, then some predecessors really want to kill people.

In 2015, a tragedy happened in Huangshi, Hubei Province.

Jing Jing and Liu Rui were classmates. They had been together since they graduated from high school. Finally, they came to the stage of talking about marriage.

But Liu Ruis male chauvinism is serious, and he has no respect for Jing Jing and her parents, so Jing Jing thought twice about breaking up with him.

But Liu Rui really became a devil after the breakup.

He made an excuse for Yue Jingjing to come out. In the rental house, he smashed her head with a hidden blunt instrument and tied her neck with a rope in an attempt to kill her.

Finally, after Jing Jing was dying, Liu Rui fled.

Fortunately, Jing Jing was rescued from the danger of life by her expelled parents, but her head suffered tremendous damage, resulting in nerve damage, paralysis of her right limb, and she may spend the rest of her life in a hospital bed.

Fall in love with a scum, but catch up with the second half of life should be beautiful and stable.

After separation, we dont ask everyone to be a saint, but to be an individual.

The older generation likes to say a word: Wife is wise, husband is wise, wife is happy.

Having a good character of the other half, life can be happy and smooth.

The so-called starting from Yan Value, falling into talent, loyalty to character is mostly like this, but unfortunately, many people have reversed the order.

People with good character, even if they are separated, will not slander you or hurt you because of their unhappiness.

Everyone can be a gentleman when they are in love, but unfortunately, when they meet a person of bad character, once they are separated, they will become your enemy. Only then can you know how terrible it is to be entangled with a villain.

After Mao Xiaotong and Chen Xiang broke up, many fans of Chen Xiang attacked Mao Xiaotong, saying that she was sorry for Chen Xiang, but finally the surveillance video was exposed, it was Chen Xiang suspected derailment that led to the breakup of the two.

After his divorce from his ex-husband, Lang Ping, in the face of interviews, said something that could be called a textbook of his predecessor:

The divorce of two people inevitably has personal emotions, I can often face the media, and he has no chance to speak.

If I say something about marriage, it may be my side of the story, which will have a negative impact on him. He is the father of the child, and I cant hurt him like that.

Free, generous and compassionate. Many people are beyond their expectation.

On the topic of his predecessor, Meng Fei has a very good passage.

He said: Neither side should go around saying bad things about their predecessors after turning the pages over. Its particularly awkward. I think the most important thing is not to slander them. Lets just finish, but dont talk about this person in any heterosexual or common circle.

But because you have loved each other so much, you shouldnt hurt each other so much.

After all, she has been with you for so long. She has left indelible traces in your life. Why does it spoil your bitter and sweet memories?

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This is a typical Chinese family story.

Fathers always pay in silence, but children never appreciate it. The closer you want to be, the more alienated you become.

The same thing happened to countless families all over China.

Whats the crux?

1. The recent TV drama Little Joy in the fire sent Tao Hongs mother Song Qianqin to the hot search frequently. Song Qian is a typical parent who looks forward to her daughter becoming a phoenix. She is eager for her daughter Yingzi to be admitted to Tsinghua.

She put all her energies on Yingzi, and she could always get another set of papers, which made Yingzi gasp for breath. Actually, Yingzi is very angry, and his grades are one of the best in the class. But Song Qian is still anxious from time to time, often breaking down and crying. Once, the playful English skipped classes for several days with the help of his father. After being discovered by Song Qian, they quarreled hysterically. Song Qian said, Its easy for me to get up early and greedily cook for you and take care of your daily life. I dont have much pressure!

In exchange, its a childs sentence - I hate you! Looking at this paragraph, many netizens feel empathy. Yeah, is it easy? Parents pay so much that they end up with a word that they hate you? Across the screen, you can feel Song Qians grievance. But you know, in such a family, children are not happy.

Yingzi once collapsed and complained to her mother: There is no one around me. Do you know how many things I gave up for you? Under her mothers oppression, Yingzi was under great pressure. She abandoned her dream of space flight and was often forced to eat foods she did not like.

So I often say: in Chinese-style families, parents give everything and children suffer terribly. No one can live a good life.


Hong Kong journalist Qu Yingyan wrote a book entitled Parents of Monsters. As the Deputy editor-in-chief of One Weekly, she chose to become a full-time mother after giving birth.

She devoted herself to her childrens education and found herself increasingly unhappy. One day the child asked her, Mom, why dont you laugh? Only then did she realize that she had lost herself for the sake of her children. The term monster parents comes from Japan and refers to parents who are crazy about their childrens education. They give everything to their children, but they are never happy. This is not uncommon in Chinese-style families. Many parents have high expectations for their children, so they devote 120% of their time and energy. There was a crazy article in the circle of friends before. A mother in Guangzhou said that her childs summer vacation could not be supported by 30,000 yuan a month. The mother made a calculation:

During the summer vacation, my daughter went to America for a study tour, which cost 20,000 yuan for 10 days.

Daughters usually need to be taken care of at home. Aunts are asked to spend 5,000 yuan.

Piano exam in July, 2000 yuan for Piano lessons;

Swimming lesson, 2000 yuan;

The total training fee for the three subjects of English Mathematical Composition is 6000.

Together, the forest costs 35,000 yuan in a month.

You might say that 30,000 a month is enough. We get a salary of 3,000 a month. Dont we live the same way? Dissimilarity.

Chinese parents pay more for their children, but not the most. Chinese parents have been overdrawing themselves in order to give their children the best. The children became a mountain, pressing on their parentsshoulders, making them breathless all the time. Whether its 3,000 or 30,000 a month, every parent is trying their best to test their ceiling. All for the children. In addition to money investment, living and eating, hobbies, homework counseling... Parents have to worry about all the chores in their childrens lives. Tired? Its really tired. Gao Xiaosong said in an issue of Qihua Shuo: I am sorry for Chinese parents, as if they do not have their own independent life, independent personality, they do not have their own intimate relationship, they can only interact with their children. Why is it often said that Chinese children are not independent? Because Chinese parents are not independent. I saw a news. A sixty-year-old man in Henan Province has always valued his daughter as a treasure. Because the daughter talked about a foreign boyfriend, fearing that her daughter would marry far away, she could not stay by her side in the future. The old man was out of control, sitting on the balcony on the seventh floor and bursting into tears.

Firefighters have been trying to persuade. But in the end, he jumped down and died on the spot.

Chinese parents tie their lives to their children.

In the end, neither parent nor child can be truly happy.


In such a family environment, children are also victims. On the horizon there is a famous school student Tucao: I would rather that I am not their son! Indeed, his parents have paid a lot for his growth. In elementary school, his parents go around looking for relationships for him, begging for others, low three or four; in middle school, his mother takes him to the school gate, like a thing to sell himself. When he was in high school, his parents sold his original house and bought a set of accompanying students beside the school. They took care of him all the time. But he was still miserable: I dont have the right to make decisions about my life. I dont even know what life is. Because I have never experienced life, they are helping me to experience life. Parents are giving, but children feel oppression. An anonymous netizen had the same distress: I am a girl, 18 years old, my mother has been strict with me since I was a child, always with a perfectionist attitude to ask me...

Many times I didnt do what she asked me to do, and she would beat me up and scold me. She told me that she loved me. Sometimes I thought it was true. Sometimes I thought she didnt love me at all. She only loved herself. Parents are giving, but children are not feeling love. At Pudong Airport in Shanghai, Wang Mou, a 25-year-old student who had studied in Japan for five years, stabbed his mother nine times to pick up the plane, resulting in a coma on the spot and endangering his life. After five years of studying abroad, my mother alone shouldered all the expenses of 1.5 million yuan, almost responding to the demand. For this reason, the mother had to sell the house, borrow money everywhere, but still could not afford his expenses.

When giving is taken for granted, people will no longer say thanks.

When giving becomes pressure, love can not be talked about.

When giving becomes control, hatred arises.

This is the crux of Chinese family tragedy.


There is a theory called 70 points lazy parents, which advocates that parents should pay less and let go properly.

In education, in the family, timely lazy is more effective than full devotion.

A Chinese mother in Japan, because of work reasons, her child had been fostered by her grandparents in Beijing before she was 3 years old. When the children want to go to kindergarten, they will receive the children to Japan. Soon afterwards, he was refreshed by Japanese education. She found that no matter how cold it was in Japan, children wore shorts to school.

She was very distressed. It was freezing cold. How could the child suffer this pain? But when she mentioned this with other Japanese mothers, she was told that sending children to kindergarten was to make them suffer. During the conversation, Japanese children are jumping around in kindergartens, each healthy and strong. These healthy and strong children, it is Japanese mothers let them bear hardships to practice.

Educational expert Yin Jianli said: Strong maternal love is not a permanent possession of children, but a decent exit. The first task of maternal love is to be close to children and care for their growth. The second task is to separate from children and promote their independence. Smart parents, in fact, are very lazy. Letting go at the right time can create a relaxed and pleasant family environment and return love to you and your children. A child may suffer setbacks or make mistakes, but in the end, he will thrive. For your children and for yourself. You should, too, let go in time.