If it wasnt a child, would you divorce your husband? The comment is heartfelt! ____________

 If it wasnt a child, would you divorce your husband? The comment is heartfelt! ____________

Recently, there is a hot topic.

If it wasnt a child, would you divorce your husband?

Respond to the historic unity of the mothers: Yes.

Yes! If it werent for the children, it would have been divorced! Who married Marlborough, who knows!

Yes! Nursery wife, widowed child-rearing I occupy the whole, also for the sake of the child, bite teeth and cook with him! _________

Busy during the day, back to back at night to play with mobile phones, more and more chat.

Happy marriages are similar, and unhappy marriages have their own misfortunes.

But whether its husbands derailment, domestic violence, bad habits, or personality incompatibility, mother-in-law conflictu2014u2014

Many women choose not to divorce because of their children.

In the most helpless and weak times, in the most frustrated and depressed timesu2014u2014

He lifts your chin, straightens your backbone, commands you to be strong, and accompanies you around, sharing your destiny.

However, not every couple is lucky to have this kind of morality and kindness in marriage.

Children should have been the crystallization of loveu2014u2014

But now it has become the only reason for many couples to keep their marriage going.


Women dont want to get married.

Men want to marry a nanny.

How many marriages are women acquiesced in?u2014u2014

It is natural to have children, raise children, do housework, pay for the family and sacrifice oneself.

A male netizen shared his personal experience. He said:

My mother was unwilling to have children, but she was forced to give birth to me and my sister.

With her ability, she was exceptionally promoted to the Municipal Bureau of Education as a teaching researcher.

My mother, who had a bright future, suddenly became pregnant. Yes, I was pregnant with my sister and me.

After my mother became pregnant, my grandmother insisted that my mother resign.u2014u2014

Finally, my mother compromised and went home to concentrate on the delivery.

After giving birth to my sister and me, my mother was transferred to an idle position.u2014u2014

The income is very small, but there is plenty of time to teach.

All the housework at home is done by my mother. My sister and I were brought up by my mother.

Every day my dad goes home, just move his mouth: Im going to wear a suit tomorrow, Im going to eat dumplings tonight...

My mother gets up earliest every day, cooks breakfast, wakes us up, and squeezes toothpaste for my dad.

Then take a bite of it, help my dad prepare clothes, and send my dad out.

Then prepare what you need for lunch, and then wash and rinse at random to go to work.

Then go home to cook at noon and go to work after lunch break.

Then go home from work to buy food, cook, clean the room, wash clothes and go to bed at night...

This is my mothers daily life, and this repetition lasts for many years.

Later, my mother simply retired early and devoted herself to being a full-time wife at home.

But my mother is not happy, my parents often quarrel, my fathers two most common words are:

You are idle at home every day. My salary is five times yours. What can you call a spade?

Arent you just doing housework? Whats so tired?

Before I went to college, I thought my mother would grab a little trifle and scold me every day.u2014u2014

For example, I dont like eggs. She can hold on to her nagging for half a day.

One day, after my sister and I were admitted to college, I suddenly received a call from my father saying that my mother proposed to divorce!

My mother was 44 that year.

My sister and I went back to talk to my mother, but her attitude was firm. She said that when my sister and I grew up, she was at ease.u2014u2014

After divorce, my mother proposed to start her own business. My sister and I objected, but my mother did not compromise this time.

My mother is 54 years old this year. She founded an educational and training institute, which has grown up in ten years.u2014u2014

Now my mother is the chairman of the company, and my fathers annual income has been thrown aside for several streets...

I found out that my mother has become younger since she went out to work.u2014u2014

My mother is no longer a crumpled, straightforward dress for a month; no longer a yellow-faced woman, my mother dressed in a suit and make-up, I dont think I know my mother anymore...

On the contrary, my fatheru2014u2014

At the time of the divorce, my dad was still angry that he could do it. He cant cook. He eats out every day. Half a year later, my dads tragedy hit three heights.

And my dad couldnt find his own clothes, and he couldnt iron them. At the meeting, his suit was wrinkled and crumpled...

My dad cant wash clothes yet. The first time he used the washing machine, he didnt know why he put out hot water. Many clothes were burnt out, many clothes were dyed, and clothes that could not be washed by machine were deformed.

Things in life almost broke my dad down. My dad finally paid for his phrase, Whats tired of doing housework?

After the divorce, my dad found out for the first time in yearsu2014u2014

Without my mother, he couldnt even make a basic living.

If a woman is willing to sacrifice herself for you and her family, please dont feel that everything she gives is natural, not only incomprehensible, but also picky and cynical.u2014u2014

She does better housework than you and can earn more money than you. The reason why she chooses to teach her son wholeheartedly is that she loves you.


My monthly salary is 20,000 yuan.

Its my wife who supports this family.

Knowing that there is a high praise of the answer, called:____________

My salary is 20,000 a month, but its my wife who supports this family.

The man said: Although he earns 20,000 yuan a month, its her full-time wife who supports the family because of her careful management.u2014u2014

Home will always have fireworks, quilt will always be fluffy, the ground will always be clean, tea will always be hot, children will always be warm and smiling, he was able to put his heart and soul into work.

The man said that this happy life was thanks to his wifes efforts to maintain it.u2014u2014

Because if she changes her wife to go out to work, she can even earn more, but now the quality of comfortable life at home can only be maintained by her wife. If she changes her wife to work at home, life must be a mess.

If more people understand their wiveshusbands in this way, they may have fewer families with unhappy marriages.

Many men dont know until they divorce.

The original children will not grow up on their own, the original care of children so painstaking, the original children can not go anywhere;

The original housework is so heavy, the original laundry, cooking and cleaning the room so tired, the old people are old enough to often run to the hospital.

How many women in marriage, in order to have a complete family for their children, endure grievances and tears, bite their teeth and husband slowly endure.

I hope that men in marriage will show more consideration and love to their wives.u2014u2014

If she is asked to cook and wash, the child works with both hands.

When you go home, you just eat, sleep and complain.

Whats the meaning of this marriage to your wife?

Dont wait for a womans heart to be thoroughly wounded and cold, to leave with her children resolutely, before you regret it.u2014u2014

Then you will really realize what it means to lose everything.