Life has no if, and do and cherish

 Life has no if, and do and cherish

The word if is doomed to be a beautiful hypothesis, which can neither change the past nor the reality. Some missed, not to make up for; some mistakes, not to erase can erase.

Life is stingy, every day is a limited edition. There is not much time to waste, nor much time to regret.

There is no turning back road in life. We have to stumble along this one-way road. We have to know how to think and how to cherish it.

No ones life is always light and cloudy. There are always some things that catch us off guard and overwhelm us. Never forget to smile when you are tired, and cherish yourself when you are tired.

No matter how well you do, someone will laugh at you. There is no way to control other peoples eyes, buried in their own way.

Tolerance is the most beautiful feeling. Tolerate others and let yourself go. In fact, hate is the heaviest stone in the world, hate others, pain is oneself, pressure in the heart, heartache. Open the heart window, the sun will come in; put down hatred, the mind can be untied.

Sometimes, there is no absolute right or wrong, for life, acceptance is the best gentleness: acceptance of a persons good, acceptance of a persons bad, acceptance of a persons appearance, acceptance of a persons disappearance. Calm as water, light as chrysanthemum, the road of life will be smooth and broad.

No matter how high the position is, dont look up all the time. Look back at those friends who are ordinary but sincere. Its too cold to be on high ground. We should keep in mind that we should look at peoples strengths, help peoples difficulties and remember their benefits. Give me papaya and give it back to Qiongchen.

If you cherish others, they will treat you sincerely. When the wind and clouds disperse, there will be sincere friends around you.

The best things, the best people, if they dont belong to themselves, dont expect too much. Greed often makes people lose their reason. Its better to take pity on the people in front of you than to look at the mountains and rivers all over the place.

No need to stand on the cliff of the years, look up to other peoples scenery, cherish possession, cherish the people around you, will be closer to happiness, will be able to grasp happiness more tightly.

Life is a dream, we drift on the river of years, see the scenery of falling flowers and running water, when the prime of life is no longer, still cherish the monarch as usual. Faint red dust, take good footsteps, cherish the people in front of you!

Everything is beautiful, treasured in the bottom of my heart;

Life is short, and do and cherish it!

Red dust is disturbing, not disturbing the heart.

Not trapped in feelings, not afraid of the future, not thinking of the past,

So, good!

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