Long-distance love, is it really so hard?

 Long-distance love, is it really so hard?

Although she can not hold an umbrella for her in the rainy day, nor can she accompany her in the most lonely time, but it is true to put each other in mind.

Because two people in a long-distance love can not meet at any time, so every meeting will have a strong sense of ritual, each meeting will have different meanings, only in this way can we cherish each others hard-won encounter more. Although the distance limits two people, but the heart has always been close.

There is a friend who has experienced a long-distance love. The girl in Fujian, her boyfriend in the Tibetan army, two people do not see twice a year, each time no more than an hour, because of special reasons, usually even the opportunity to call is very little, let alone chat on the Wechat, can hear each others voice is a luxury.

Although it sounds bitter, they dont feel sad at all, because their hearts are close together. Even though thousands of kilometers apart, the two men did not want to give up, nor did they fail to live up to each other.

After five years of persistence, their love has become a real success. On the wedding day, the two people hugged tightly together and cried, the bitterness and happiness, the mixed flavor may only be understood by them.

So, long-distance love is not necessarily how bitter, but you have to believe that there will always be a person in the world will soften your heart, your smile will become the joy of his whole day.

All leaving is for a better meeting. When he is not around you, you are a fighter against the world and circling with the whole world. But when he appears around you, you become the person who is being treated tenderly. At that time, you will feel that all the struggle is worth it.

Only after experiencing long-distance love, can we learn to cherish a person, a relationship. So long-distance love is not all hard work, only put the other side in mind, can we manage well, but also cherish the person who is willing to love with you, do not give up easily.