Really good women dont circle their friends with these four trends

 Really good women dont circle their friends with these four trends

When you are in a bad mood, make a circle of friends; when you go out to eat, make a circle of friends; when you go out to play with your friends, make a circle of friends.

The circle of friends is varied, recording the different lives of each person.

Do you like to send out circles of friends? What do you usually do in circles of friends?

It is said that a really good woman never circles her friends with these four dynamics.


A woman who likes to show off her wealth and compare with others

They all say that beauty is a womans nature. Its no wonder that women like to buy bags, jewelry and cosmetics. Which woman can resist these temptations?

I love to circle my friends when I go out and buy anything. I will send a watch today and a jewelry tomorrow. Even self-portraits will reveal the big diamond ring on my finger.

It must be very expensive.

The person who drinks things often drifts lightly, and it is not very expensive, as long as hundreds of thousands of good.

However, when such a person sees that some people in the circle of friends are also exposing luxury goods, the most sour is such a person.


Women who emit negative energy all day

Its normal for people to have negative energy. Who can guarantee that they are not depressed?

Even clowns, who often bring happiness to others, are negatively depressed.

There is nothing wrong with occasionally venting such negative emotions in the circle of friends. Some people just say it, and some people are comforted and slowly think about it.

A moment of care can be given, but no one will buy a single life for such a person.

Negative energy can be contagious. When you open your circle of friends happily, you want to see if there is anything interesting. When you look at the negative energy on the screen, your good mood will disappear.

And for those who are positive, your emotions will be infected by their positive energy, not by those who spread negative energy all day.


A woman of Ps own

Now a popular word is plastic sisterhood.

Female friends go where to play, where to eat, and who to meet, always take a few pictures and then send them to the circle of friends.

Pictures, we have to make all the sisters look better, add a filter to the scenery and gourmet food.

So looking at the whole picture, she herself glows like a fairy white, while the friends next to her are appropriately earth black circle.

This kind of woman is still terrible, because she just wants others to foil herself, and does not really regard you as a friend.

Its not necessary to have a deep friendship with such a hypocritical and selfish woman. Lets hide from each other.


Women who have no brains to follow in the circle of friends

I guess 80% of people have this kind of people in their circle of friends, and they like to send things all day without any scientific basis.

A good woman usually reads deeply and knows widely.

Want to make people around you safe is not just to send out a circle of friends, as for those messy rumors, but also will not look at it.

What is a womans best state?

It is elegant and insightful, intellectually and exceptionally articulate. It has seen the beauty of the world and believed in the truth of the world. It is knowing the world but not the world, and it can still maintain that pure heart.

So what do you like to do in your circle of friends?