Dont flip through cell phone albums late at night

 Dont flip through cell phone albums late at night

What is the most reluctant photo to delete in the mobile phone?

Everyone has a precious picture hidden in his cell phone.

It may be sweet and romantic, or it may be full of regret.

There is a word called canned moment, which describes a moment:

You will be clear about the situation at this time, and you will keep remembering it in the years to come.

Among the thousands of photos, I picked out 10 distracted readers and drew their unique stories.

The second you press the shutter, the special moments in your life are saved.

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The undeleted photo is the photo of my ex-boyfriend and his current employee.

Let me remember well that eating a cut is wisdom.

Dont meet a slag man any more. Dont be so kind to others.

@ Zixuan

There are always some people in life who come out to teach you a lesson.

He approaches you ten times faster and leaves you ten times faster.

But in fact, you dont have to worry about it. You have to thank him for missing you and letting you go.

In the future, you will meet people who love you more.

At that time, I washed a large edition, mounted it and put it behind the book in the bookcase.

After five years of divorce, I havent moved.

@ Kangkang

There are always things buried deep in your heart, there are always some memories do not want to touch again.

He who once had nothing to say has nothing to say afterwards.

People who once accompanied him day and night disappeared in the sea.

Thousands of emotions may trap you, but they will certainly break your cocoon into butterflies.

The first birthday to my grandmother, with my pictures of Biye. Grandpa left my junior high school because of a medical accident. Only then did I realize that what is lost is learned to cherish. After that day, Grandma always hides some food and quietly puts it in front of Grandpas photo. Now Im fighting alone in a foreign country, I dont want to let time quietly take everything around me.

@ 696

Cherish the people who love you.

Some important people meet only a handful of times in their lifetime.

Grandma loves you all her life and teaches you how to love and protect.

When you have time, remember to accompany her more and say thank you.

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The last photograph I want to delete is a cat I have kept for many years.

Lie in the sun on the sofa, poke it, open your eyes and watch you sleep.

It probably knows its leaving the planet.

Quietly went away, and later found that has been

For so many years, every time I go home and lie on the sofa, I still think of it.

There are some encounters in life, short but unforgettable.

It is a part of your life, but you are its life.

It must be very comfortable when it goes, in the sunshine, on the sofa, in front of those who love it.

Have a period of companionship, has no regrets.

@ Anonymity

Sometimes we feel that the world is too small for us to meet the people we love.

Sometimes we feel that the world is too big and we lose the one we love.

Some regrets are doomed to be a end in the heart, which is hard to heal all ones life.

But I believe they will meet one day as they go on and on.

Either way, they will see each other at a glance and hug each other tightly.

The most reluctant photograph to be deleted is this photo taken by camera. I was hospitalized with a stomachache once, and he rushed me to the hospital. What did you eat and vomit at that time, and the fever did not subside. He has been guarding me in front of my bed, sleeping and holding my hand tightly for fear that I woke up and he didnt find out. This scene was secretly photographed by my girlfriend, this is a picture that my mobile phone would not give up. @ Closing

If you want to say where to find traces of love.

You can see a mans details about you.

You can look at his eyes and his hands.

You can see his subconscious, his instinct.

In fact, its very simple, the loved ones are tightly protected.

An imperfect group photo. We dont have particularly decent group photos. We live in two cities and work in two different places. We often have to separate when we see each other. We cant even eat a meal. By chance, I was on a business trip to Chengdu at the end of March. We go shopping together, walk Chunxi, eat hoof flower, drink beer and listen to Chengdu together. We left an imperfect group photo while singing the song slightly. Im not as beautiful as in self-portraits, but I can remember the rest of my life. @ a C

In fact, I would like to say something very old, but really useful:

Cherish every wonderful moment in your life.

Its really not easy to do what you like with people you like.

Whatever the stage, what happened afterwards.

But you must love every day.

Cherish the days when we can be close, hug and be together.

For the first time in 17 years, I went out to travel. Qinghai, you are sitting in the middle of the train track of Chaka Salt Lake. Your back, your scissors, then the lock screen is now the lock screen. Forty-nine days after the breakup, I miss you very much. But my heart hurts. I dont blame you. I blame you for waiting so long. @ Postmesthesia

Regret is always the norm of life.

Its hard for us to meet a person and miss another person. Its hard for us to get out.

Every decision we make, any risk we take for love.

I hope you can accept it calmly and deserve it.

My mother is a sanitation worker when she is working. Maybe many people think my mothers career is not decent, but Im proud of her. @ Xu Jie

The world will respect everyone who lives hard.

Aunt is great. She is a kind of ordinary greatness.

You are also very sensible, and can understand the hard-won life.

Thank your parents for the love they have brought us, and then try your best to repay it for the rest of your life.

Mens backs, often can see the details of love you.

He misses your good and shares your worries.

He will never hate you, blame you lazy, always more active than you, tolerant of you.

The love in the circle of friends is shown to others.

You dont need a big banner to love you, but always be quiet and gentle, and spare no effort to be kind to you.

The best feelings are often not expressed, but made.

When you miss him, you know hes always in love.