Did he see your accommodation?

 Did he see your accommodation?

Like two bats, they dont know where to fly.

I thought I could buy a new pair, but the thought of the balance of the bank card account soon dispelled the idea of luxury, and the bad smell of the feet of my boyfriend who did not wear socks, so I suddenly waked up and ran downstairs to look for socks.

As a result, only one was caught in half a day, and the other did not know where to go.

Disasters pile up on one another.

Looking for socks, once in the kitchen, our old-fashioned pressure cooker finally showed signs of dying. First, it rattled for half a day, dawdled with white air, and then started spraying soup crazily outside. When I called for help, my boyfriend was lying in bed, watching the clouds outside daze.

I said, Look in the kitchen. The pressure cooker looks like its going to blow up.

My boyfriend said oh.

I heard his impatient tone, as if I wanted the pressure cooker to explode immediately and then blow up with me and everything in the world.

He moved the pot to the pool, flushed cold water for half a day, opened the lid, washed it, changed a new balloon, complained that put less water in the future, do not stew too full a pot.

Im sad. To tell the truth, which woman is not afraid of the pressure cooker exploding? But in most cases, as boilers, we have to deal with such high-risk goods, some people come from mountains, lakes and seas, some people are confined to the kitchen day and night, which is probably a womans sour?

I said, Zhang Chao, Im really afraid that it will explode again. Shall we change to a better pressure cooker?

He was silent for a moment and said, Honey... can we save this time? When my work is settled, lets buy a better one, shall we?

I also kept silent for a moment and said, Its all right, it doesnt matter.

The sour lyric of Rong Xiaoxiao hovering in his mind: Love is not what you want to buy, you can buy it if you want to buy it.

My mouth is also stained with an inappropriate mung bean, the sound of the electric drill buzzing upstairs, the rental old tube building is shaking, we are crowded in the five square meters kitchen, each other feel a little lost.

Overnight couples are gracious for a hundred days, while poor couples are sad for everything.

He didnt know that this pot of mungbean soup was specially cooked for him, Grandma said, drink mungbean soup to go on fire in summer.

My boyfriend turned back to the house and I wiped the greasy stove. I thought, maybe this day will last a little longer?

I remember when I first fell in love, he said to me: Although I am a worthless man, but if there is a competition, the content of the competition is to love you, then I can tell you with certainty that I will win the first place.

Indeed, he did.

During the three years of communication, if he had ten dollars in his pocket, he would take out all ten dollars and spend them on me.

I have no doubt that he is willing to pick the stars for me.

The only problem is that sometimes he really only has ten dollars in his pocket.

One time when he was walking downstairs, he quietly pulled out two dog tails and woven a grass ring. Suddenly, he knelt on one knee and said, Heres a little gift for you.

I shook my hand and shouted, I dont want it. Its ugly. I warned him, Zhang Chao, dont fool me with this trick for high school girls.

I know that women who are generally promised to give pigeon eggs are eventually set free.

So when Zhang Chao was about to throw away the grass ring, I grabbed it, stared at it bigger than Angelababy, said, You must remember that you owe me. Then I closed my eyes and asked him to put the ring on me.

For the next week, I raised my eyebrows and breathed with the straw ring, rubbing the bowl and feeling like Carina Lau in the Yellow Canal with a diamond ring.

Sometimes I feel that I love him, and I have been too wronged.

I used to make a solemn pledge to find a clean boyfriend. If the other person has foot odor, then I will say nothing and run away.

But then Zhang Chao ran outside every day, riding a small electric donkey to take me home after work. When the wind blew, his sweat smelled good. Several times when he came into the door, he took off his shoes and the smell of sweaty feet came to his nose. I saw two large pieces of wet under his shirt armpit. Instead of disgust, my heart soured up for his nose.

I was so nervous that he said, Dont touch me. My fucking feet stink like canned herring. After that, we both laughed hard.

After washing my feet, Zhang Chao cut my toenails and sniffed my nail seams deliberately. He said, Bedroom, you stinky tofu smells very authentic.

I am ashamed to say, then dont touch, I cut it myself!

Zhang Chao said, Woman, dont move. Your toenails have been contracted by Laozi all your life.

I think, even if we are poor, we are happy.

In many ways, I may accommodate this man. Maybe he is not Prince Charming, but at night, listening to his thunderous snoring, I never feel annoyed, just feel very safe.

On the way to work before, I often met a pregnant woman and I squeezed into the same bus. Drivers in Wuhan probably have a dream of racing cars. They drift madly at the crossroads every day. The poor pregnant woman has picked up the railings several times and spit out loud and loud.

Everyone consciously gave up a circle, and then someone whispered, Whose wife is this? She still sits on the bus with such a big stomach? Why not take a taxi? What does it look like?

The man next to the pregnant woman who protected her with her body was too ashamed to lift her head.

When the pregnant woman got up, she firmly grasped the mans hand and smiled at each other as if no one else existed.

I understand that feeling and know the hardship of reality. For example, two people do not earn much, mortgage and car loans, together with the future expenditure of children, is indeed a lot of money, life is not easy, love is not easy, not everyone has light qualifications.

On the night when the only pressure cooker in the house broke down, we both turned and turned and didnt fall asleep much.

Zhang Chaos mother, I only met one of her mother-in-law died, Zhang Chaos mood has been depressed. When he returned from the funeral, he suddenly said he wanted to change his job. After resigning, he lay at home for a month. He often looked out of the window at the clouds and was dazed because of anxiety and many blisters grew in his mouth.

Every day when I come back from work, he still smokes on the windowsill.

The first time I learned how to cook a pot of mung bean porridge, the pressure cooker sprayed.

That night, Zhang Chao suddenly hugged me and said, Im sorry, Im sorry, I really shouldnt let you be wronged. The first time I saw him cry so sadly, I was glad that the guilt of a man is such a wonderful quality.

He got up early the next day, wearing a shirt and tie. He was very energetic. I said to my eyes where you were going. He laughed and said, Make money to buy pigeon eggs. I said, Cut, you can earn me the money to buy eggs first!

The weather was amazingly good that morning. I heard the radio on the bus saying that today is summer. It means that the hot summer is going to be over soon. I thought that I could wear that beautiful old brown coat right away. Suddenly, I felt a lot better.

Downstairs in the neighbourhood, I encountered two unexpected incidents:

Secondly, in the flower bed downstairs, I found another one of Zhang Chaos stinky socks. It reminded me that the goods went out today without socks, and almost cried out. I had to buy 10 yuan and 20 pairs of disposable high-end mens Korean version of fashionable autumn and winter boat socks for him on the Internet painfully.

I hope he can accommodate it, too?