Chinese Sao is hidden in Chuci

 Chinese Sao is hidden in Chuci

Death and life are rich, and Zicheng said. Hold your hand and grow old together with you.

Let people feel real and touching.

His life span is as long as this world. His virtues shine like the sun and moon..

Have the spirit of longing for harmony between man and nature.

True gold, beautiful jade and trustworthy words are about the Book of Songs.

Incredible, unpredictable, Chu Ci is spoken.

If the Book of Songs is a clear tea, Chu Ci is a mellow wine pulp, which stirs up the intestines and is full of vigor and smoothness. The Book of Songs and Chuci are classics in the most simple and clean air in ancient times. For three thousand years, poetry, lyrics and fu, as well as the talent and sentiment of countless literati, have all been rooted in these two fields.

Without reading Chuci, I dont know how romantic Chinese are.

If you dont read Chuci, youll get a lot less inspiration when you choose your name.

Xin Qiji said: the cultural relics of Lisao have been left for thousands of years, and Fang has not stopped until now.

Mr. Lu Xun even praised it more than the Book of Songs. Not to mention, countless people will find inspiration when they are named from time to time.

For example, author Ma Boyong, Chu Ci Li Sao: Emperor Zhao said Boyong.

Poet Dai Wangshu, Chuci Li Sao: Qianwangshu makes pioneers. Wangshu: The God of driving for the moon in myth.

Nan Huaijin, Master of Chinese Studies, Chuci Jiuzhang Huaisha: Huaijin holds yoga.

Song Jiashu, father of the three sisters of the Song family. Chuci Jiuzhang Orange Song: Empress Jiashu, orange dress. Jiashu: Nice trees.

Famous writer Zhu Ziqing, Chuci Buju: rather honest and upright to self-purity.

Perhaps Chuci is a little bitter and difficult to read.

For example

That is to say, the road is narrow and endless. I want to go to the world to find the sun in my heart. When you are in a predicament, do you feel lost? Give yourself a belief. Why are you afraid of panic all the way?

He spares no effort to be good, though he still has no regret after nine deaths --Lisao

To describe it, these are the things I cherish in my heart, and I will never regret having told me to die nine times. When facing the inner love, are you still poor in words? Read out the affectionate paragraph, the atmosphere and the mind are all there.

The spirit is the soul of the dead god, and the soul is the hero of the ghost --Nine Songs, The Martyrdom of the Nation

That is to say, even if the body dies, the spirit never dies, only the soul is still a hero in the ghost. The origin of Li Qingzhaos life is a hero and death is a hero also shows the inheritance of scholars spirit from generation to generation.

Yes, for a long time, ignorant I think so too. It was not until later that I really began to read the whole article that I understood why it was called the source of Chinese Romanticism.

For example, there are great gods in Chuci:

The Emperor of Heaven is called Taiyi of the Eastern Emperor.

The God of clouds is called the king of clouds.

Sun God, called Dongjun;

He wears the beautiful clothes that are as splendid as clouds, and shoots the bow to Sirius. u2014u2014 Dongjun

In the God of Personnel

The supervisors life span is called Dashi Ming.

The supervisors heir is Shaoshiming

He Shouyong is in Jiuzhou. u2014u2014 Dashiming

God in charge of nature

There are also the elegant gods of Xiangshui, Xiangjun and Madame Xiangjun.

Yun Youlan, the son of Simon did not dare to speak. u2014u2014 Mrs. Hunan

Heshen Hebo is not an old man with vicissitudes of life either.

But a young gentleman accompanied by Lanzhi

Sons meet eastward and send beauty to Lunanpu. u2014u2014 Hebo

In Chuci, there are also fantastic and endless love.

For example, Mountain Ghost, can you imagine suddenly bumping into a beautiful mountain ghost riding on a leopard, and love it instead of living ghosts?

He is both respectful and pleasant to laugh, and his son admires his kindness and grace. u2014u2014 Mountain Ghost

Even the painful struggle, but also into style, into clouds, into the dawn, into the sunset... Vanilla Beauty, graceful demeanor.

Beauty Simei is a beautiful woman. ([zhy

Therefore, without reading Chuci, I dont know how saucy Chinese people are. From time immemorial to time, from home to home, from mouth to mouth, there is always a phrase Chu Ci that can cure years.

Read the past and the present, wash and sleep, good night.