Lampard is right! 21-year-old New Drogba aggressive double-talk + 1V2 long-range shooting

 Lampard is right! 21-year-old New Drogba aggressive double-talk + 1V2 long-range shooting

Abraham, a tall man, grew up at Chelsea Youth Training Camp when he was young. He had received Bristol, Swansea, Villa and other teams because he could not get the chance to play before returning to Chelsea on loan this summer.

Under the new coach Lampard, Abraham was trusted and given enough opportunities to play. He repaid the coachs trust in his own way.

Less than three minutes into Norwichs opening game, Abraham headed home to give the team the lead. He scored the first Premier League goal for Chelsea in his career with a right-hand cross from Aspiriquita and a midway shot. In the second half, when the scene was tight, Abraham stepped forward and scored the winning goal with a decisive volley from outside Kovacics penalty area to help the team win 3-2 away. Its amazing to know that his two goals in this game only took three shots in total.

With this second goal, Abraham has made a lot of remarkable achievements. Abraham, at the age of 21 and 326 days, became the third youngest player in Chelseas history to score twice in a single Premier League match, second only to Nichols (20 and 225 days) and Newton (20 and 358 days).

It is worth mentioning that Abraham is not a good scorer outside the penalty area. It is important to know that Abraham scored 57 goals in the official match all from the penalty area before, but 58 became an exception. The winning goal against Norwich was attributed to Abrahams shot at the top of the arc in the penalty area, which also unlocked his new ideas for scoring in the future.

Unknown Abraham can play in a big club, Lampards trust and bold use of him is certainly commendable, Abraham also repays the managers trust with his own practical actions. Abraham became the first native player to score at least two goals in the league in six years. The last Chelsea player to score two goals in the Premier League as an English player was Lampard, who scored two goals against West Ham in November 2013.

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