Five balls in three games! The 29-year-old grass-roots striker is shocked that the Premier League is really going to snatch gold boots.

 Five balls in three games! The 29-year-old grass-roots striker is shocked that the Premier League is really going to snatch gold boots.

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The 29-year-old has no history of being proud in the top European league, and his most brilliant experience before Norwichs promotion this season was in the Bundesliga. As a striker, Pucchis best result in Schalke 04s four years was just five goals in a single season, which was very difficult to satisfy. However, last season, after the transfer of Norwich to play in the Championship, with the tactics of Norwich, Pucci suddenly became a super scorer. Its incredible to say that a striker with 29 goals and 9 assists in 43 matches in the Champions League has no transfer fee, but thats the simple and crude intuitive data that helped the Canary return to the Premier League after many years.

For the first time in the Premier League, Punchi has become a phenomenal player since the new season in the Premier League. In the first game, even after a 4-1 defeat at at Liverpools feet, the only face-saving goal came from Pucci. In the 3-1 victory over Newcastle in World War II, Pucci scored three goals by himself.

Against Chelsea in the first three minutes of the game, Puccis left-hand cross assisted Cantwell to score a 1-1 equalizer. The second time behind Chelsea, Pu Base Station came out, scoring their own goal to help the team 2-2 level.

Puccis goal was very handsome. Boondia Zhise, Pucci put in front of the opportune moment and shot from a small angle on the right side of the Chelsea guards penalty area behind him. The Bluesentire defence was clearly ill-prepared for him, and they could only see his small angle shot through the gate to equalize the score again. In a single game, in the face of Chelseas passing and shooting, Pucci has made the greatest contribution he can make, even if he loses in the end, and has also made the Bluesrear defense a success.

Plus this round of goals, Pucci scored five Premier League goals and one assists in the first three rounds. He became the 10th Premier League player to score in all three Premier League games. He was also another player who scored five goals in the first three Premier League games after Boglibniak. It was amazing. Even though Norwich may be limited in strength, still based on relegation, it is very difficult to pursue higher grades, but Puki has written a new history in his personal career and reached a new height.

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