The Dead Father of the Missing Girl: She has bad cartoon pictures of minors on her mobile phone

 The Dead Father of the Missing Girl: She has bad cartoon pictures of minors on her mobile phone

Recently, Mao Mao, a 12-year-old girl from Maxi Maqiao Village, Qianxian County, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, was found murdered in an abandoned well after her disappearance, which aroused widespread concern in the society. The police reported that her stepfather was suspected of serious crimes.

On August 24, Red Star journalists came to Maqiao Village, Moxi County, where the incident happened. According to several villagers, on the morning of August 23, Qianxian police took Wang Qiang, the girls stepfather, to the abandoned well where the body was found for on-site identification.

Liu Xibing, Mao Maos biological father, told Red Star News that there were many doubts about the murder of his daughter. He had found bad cartoon pictures of minors in his daughters mobile phone, while Wang Qiang, his stepfather, was disabled in his right hand. He suspected that other people would help him.

Mao Maos mother, Wang Rong, refused interviews with Red Star News Reporters many times after the incident, saying she was not at home.


Criminal suspect

Stepfather is a lonely man with a right hand disability caused by a car accident.

The Muxi Maqiao village is located in the southwest of Qianxian County, nearly 5 kilometers away from the county town. (Last year, it was merged with the nearby Longyan Village, now called Longma Village.) The farmland in the village is vast, with restaurants and shops on both sides of the provincial highway.

According to the villagersdescription, the Red Star journalist arrived at the victim Mao Maos home. There was a bungalow parked at the door of the farm tricycle, which did not look impressive. Its very close to Muxi police station. It only takes about three minutes to walk north along the intersection.

Villagers familiar with Wang Qiangs parents told reporters that the Wang family has lived in the local area for many years and is a genuine farmers family. Grandpa Wang Qiang used to be a cadre in the village, and grandma was a woman captain in the village. But the family of Wang Qiangs father was gradually poor. Wang Qiangs father didnt marry until he was in his 30s. His daughter-in-law was married from Gansu province. The couple gave birth to a son and a daughter. The daughter has now married to a nearby village. The son is Wang Qiang.


According to many villagers, Wang Qiangs family conditions were not good, and he had been a poor household until last year. When the victim Mao Mao was 4 years old, her mother Wang Rong took her to remarry and married Wang Qiang, who later gave birth to a son.

Wang Qiang is nearly 40 years old and disabled. He earns money mainly by pulling goods from his familys farm tricycle. In the wheat harvest season, a cart of wheat, no matter far or near, is 20 yuan, which is enough to make a living.

Villagers said the physical disability was due to two previous motorcycle accidents. For the first time, the injuries were serious. After a long rest at home, almost every household in the village gave money to help. Wang Qiang suffered another car accident in the past few years, which damaged his right hand nerve and eventually left him disabled.

Some villagers familiar with Wang Qiang said that he usually did not communicate with people, even when he met, he did not greet people, and his personality was lonely. Some villagers also said that Wang Qiang was good to his children at ordinary times and what to give them. After Mao Mao disappeared, villagers saw Wang Qiang looking for children in the village.

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Question of Dry Well

Stepfather once had people push walls and bury wells

Bulldozer driver foreman alarm

More than ten days after Mao Maos disappearance, police found a womans body in an abandoned well in the village, which later proved to be Mao Mao. Red Star journalists at the scene of the case found that Mao Maos murdered abandoned well was located in a clearing in the northwest corner of the village, only a few hundred meters away from the girls home. The northwest entrance of the village was originally a cave. Later, people moved into the brick houses, and the cave was demolished in the village.

At present, the scene has been blocked by the police, and a warning line has been put up nearby, but traces of excavator construction can still be seen a few days ago.

Nearby villagers told Red Star News that the waste well was more than 30 meters deep and there was still water in it. The village was gradually abandoned after tap water was put into use, and few people went there at ordinary times.

On the morning of August 23, some villagers saw the suspect Wang Qiang wearing handcuffs and being taken to the scene of the criminal by the police for identification.

Several villagers said that on the third day after the disappearance of the child, Wang Qiang persuaded the bulldozer driver who was working nearby to push a nearby earth wall to cover the wellhead for fear of danger. It is said that Wang Qiang also gave the bulldozer driver 50 yuan, but was refused.

Associated with the disappearance of the girl Mao Mao, Wang Qiangs action aroused the drivers suspicion. The driver then told the foreman about it, who then gave the clues to the police.

_Initial Notice of Seeking Persons

Mao Maos natural father:

Disabled people cant control their daughters by themselves

Suspicion of involvement of others

Liu Xibing, Mao Maos biological father, issued a large number of announcements through the circle of friends after the disappearance of his child, and came to Maqiao Village from other places to help find them.

Liu Xibing told Red Star News that after Wang Qiang, the stepfather of the child, was taken away by the police on the night of August 19, many police came to the scene and used a number of excavators around the wellhead to carry out construction overnight. At about 2 p.m. on August 21, the police found clues in the well.

For his stepfather Wang Qiang, Liu Xibings impression is not good. He said that some bad minor animation pictures were turned in childrens mobile phones before, and he suspected that it was related to his stepfather.

Liu Xibing also pointed out that Wang Qiang was disabled and his daughter was nearly 1.6 meters old. He cant control himself. I suspect that other people are involved.

The news of the childs death confirmed that the local media had visited Mao Maos mother at the Wangjia on the same day, when she cried and said, Deficiency of virtue! Throw the baby into the well, so that we can let her live, and we still have a hope.......................................

But Liu Xibing also complained about his ex-wife Wang Rong. He said that the police had been on the scene for several days while the body was being salvaged in the abandoned well, and the mother had never come to the scene to see it. I dont think shes sad at all. She laughs and talks. Yesterday, some of my friends went to see her and cried. Her family said they couldnt cry at the door!

Red Star journalists came to Mao Maos house. A man at the door told reporters that Maos mother, Wang Rong, was not at home. Neighbors nearby said that they saw Maos mother, Wang Rong, leave with her family in a van in the morning. Wang Rong, the mother of the child, refused to be interviewed by reporters on the phone and was reluctant to respond to her ex-husbands comments.

The disappearance of a 12-year-old girl is evidenced by the abandoned well police in the village: her stepfather is under control

Half a month ago, Mao Mao, a 12-year-old girl living in Maxi Maqiao Village, Qianxian County, Shaanxi Province, was strangely missing outside her home. Her family and police have been searching for her for more than 10 days without any progress. When Mao disappeared, he wore slippers and did not carry cash. Parents did not think it was like running away from home.

On the afternoon of August 22, Red Star journalists called Qianxian Public Security Bureau. Staff members surnamed Li of the Political Department introduced that at about 6 p.m. on the 21st, the police found the body of a suspected missing girl in an abandoned well near the village of the missing girl. The case is under further investigation. Follow-up information will be timely reported to the community.

After Mao Mao disappeared, Qianxian police intervened in the investigation. On the 18th, Mao Maos stepfather, Wang Mou, was summoned by the police and is still under the control of Qianxian police. A few days later, the case made a major breakthrough.