Why on earth can the section of Lihao Maotai come to Maotai to achieve new heights?

 Why on earth can the section of Lihao Maotai come to Maotai to achieve new heights?

Everything is good for Maotai

Some time ago, when typhoon came, some people said that Maotai was a good place to celebrate, because they did not need to work and stayed at home, so they had to drink Maotai to relieve their depression.

Over the past two days, people have found that the development of new energy vehicles was also good for Maotai.

Even 5G has been hammered.

In a bullish mood, Maotais share price has risen all the way, closing on August 23 at a record high of 1,130.10 yuan per share and breaking through 1.4 trillion yuan in market value. The stock price of Maotai has risen ten times, taking only a little more than five years, which is ten times the real bull stock.

In the course of the recent rise of Maotai stock price, securities firms have constantly raised their target prices. Especially since August, securities firms have reopened the good Maotai model, setting the target price of Guizhou Maotai above 1200 yuan, and Dongxing Securities has set the target price of Guizhou Maotai at 1424 yuan.

Someone cant help wondering how the stem of Lihao Maotai came from. Probably when the researchers found that the stock price of Maotai had been rising all the time, they couldnt find any new reasons to recommend it, so let alone say nothing. Everything was in the wine.

It has to be admitted that like value investment, the good Maotai has become a metaphysics of A shares.

The question arises: Will Maotais share price continue to rise all the way after the market?

Xiaobian does not know, but Xiaobian knows that both ups and downs are good for Maotai. Because of the rise, open bottles to celebrate drinking Maotai; when you fall, drink Maotai with wine.

What on earth is good Maotai?

To return to the truth, what is good for Maotai, so that Maotais share price has reached a record high?

In the short run, there are indeed some positive factors in favor of Maotai. For example, in response to market concerns about the establishment of a sales company in Maotai Group, Guizhou Maotai responded to an inquiry letter from the Shanghai Stock Exchange on the evening of August 9, eliminating uncertainty. CITIC Construction Investment said that the quota of marketing companies landed far better than the previous market expectations.

On the first trading day after answering the inquiry (August 12), the market responded positively. The stock price of Maotai in Guizhou rose 5.88% on that day, returning to more than 1,000 yuan and closing at 1018.63 yuan per share. As a leading stock, the rise of Maotai has also led to the rise of the whole liquor sector.

In the medium term, liquor is still one of the most deterministic sectors in Baima stock market.

CITIC Construction Investment pointed out that since the beginning of the year, the supply of Maotai has been tight, the batch price has increased from about 1700 yuan at the beginning of the year to more than 2000 yuan, the batch prices of Wuliangye and Luzhou Laojiao have also continued to rise, and the boom cycle of high-end liquor has continued, and the volume and price have risen simultaneously. Recently, the liquor index has also been rising.

It is not enough to explain the reason why Maotais stock price has risen all the way and even reached new heights in a longer period of time, just at the level of industry and company. I am afraid the old tune of value investment is also hard to convince.

On August 22, Guosheng Securities Strategic Analyst Zhang Qiyao published Maotai in the Eyes of a Strategic Analyst Written on the occasion of Thousands of Years. He explained the reason why Maotai has been rising continuously in recent years from the perspective of capital, especially the entry of foreign capital. Foreign capital will bring trillions of increments, with Maotai as the representative of the core capital. Production must be its most important allocation direction.

In fact, as early as 2014, foreign capital has accounted for more than half of Maotais top ten shareholders. According to the listed companies that have disclosed the semi-annual reports, the value of foreign-owned stock market in Maotai is much higher than that of other companies, totaling 122.047 billion yuan, of which QFII holds 7.623 billion yuan and Lu shares holds 11.425 billion yuan.

Zhang Qiyao also extended his view that the systematic transformation of investor structure will bring about unprecedented changes in A-share market. We are going to usher in a big era from retail investors to institutions, from trading to allocation, from Beta to SharpeRatio. This will be an era of institutionalization, value and core assets.