Mei Ting Becomes the Ambassador of Chinese Jewelry Brand Image and Interprets the Charm of Jewelry Culture

 Mei Ting Becomes the Ambassador of Chinese Jewelry Brand Image and Interprets the Charm of Jewelry Culture

Why does China Jewelry brand choose Mei Ting as image ambassador? What kind of sparks will the strength of the central enterprise brand collide with the acting actresses?

Mei Ting lacks the impetuosity of the entertainment circle and has a calm and capable temperament. Every time she appeared gracefully and calmly, she matched the elegant and atmospheric image of the Chinese jewelry brand.

At present, there are more than 1600 Chinese Jewelry brand chains, covering 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government in China, with outstanding brand influence. Chinese Jewelry brand continuously promotes unique cultural jewelry, as well as Mei Tings role, which blossoms unique charm in breakthrough and transcendence.

Oriental charm, rising to beauty

Brand selection image ambassador is an important way of brand communication and image promotion, and a bridge and link between brand and consumers. Another reason why the brand of Chinese jewelry is attracted to Mei Ting is the unique Oriental beauty on her body, with a classical temperament in her dignified atmosphere, which is very recognizable.

This time, Mei Ting filmed several advertisement blockbusters for Chinese Jewelry brand, each of which was in excellent condition. With the brilliant jewelry as a backdrop, Mei Ting vividly displayed the charm of Oriental beauty.

At the signing ceremony of Chinese Jewelry brand image ambassador, Mei Ting was presented with Ao Xue Dongmei jewelry of Chinese Jewelry brand classic series - Cultural Jewelry series, designed by Wang Peng, a master of Chinese arts and crafts, which fully demonstrates the beauty and pride of plum blossoms and highlights the excellent traditional Chinese language of Chinese Jewelry brand. Inheritance and innovation of culture. Ao Xue Dongmei jewelry is also a portrait of Mei Ting for many years, growing and surpassing all the way forward, the beauty is still there.

China Jewelry brand will also design and create Mei theme joint jewelry with Mei Ting, providing a unique classical jewelry for Mei Ting fans.

Source: Netease Fashion Responsible Editor: Xie Yi_NQ4682