Self-timer app evaluation, the last plain face is also super-beautiful

 Self-timer app evaluation, the last plain face is also super-beautiful

I have to say that from the head image we can really see a persons character, such as her drama, the head image changes every day, my other girl is quiet, has been using the cartoon head of watercolor wind, soft sprouting.~

BUT, fairies like me, of course, use their own self-portraits (after crazy mapping) as their avatars, so I dont want to crash with people!

In order to change photos from time to time, there are more than ten self-timer apps in my mobile phone. Today, I picked out some of the most commonly used apps. La Xiaolu will give you a comprehensive evaluation. Which one of Kangkangs best-looking apps is taken together?~

Beauty cameras deserve to be old app shooters. There are many stickers to choose from, and as many as 780 filters.

Whats more distinctive is the function of this super-clear portrait. I feel more like a mask. I can adjust the photo to a good state with one click. Although the whole pixel remains unchanged, it will definitely look clearer.~

The overall function of B612 is similar to that of Faceu. Beauty functions are divided into smaller parts, and the facial features can be adjusted according to the style you want. There is an AR mode in the sticker, which can let Ugly Mengs cartoon image dance in the place you shoot. It has no use except selling Ugly Meng.

Every day there is no bright spot in the shooting of P-map, but the picture refining has done a good job.

Especially make-up, plain face photography can use it P out of a very complete makeup, and not fake at all, I generally like to use it to supplement the wear of makeup, very useful.~

Compared with the previous few, there are hardly any stickers on the light-faced cameras, and the cosmetic filters are also very small and fresh everyday. Beauty function in addition to common facial adjustment, but also make-up, plain face can also take beautiful photos.~

What is more special is posture assistance. Its very intimate for me to do this kind of gesture uselessly.

After describing the functions of each app, the next step is the formal comparison link. First, lets look at the stickers we often use in self-timer.

In these apps, I selected almost the same four stickers and took pictures in the same light and posture to see how the effect was different.

PS: Some apps have fewer types of stickers, so individual comparisons are not available.

Overall, the performance of beauty cameras and light-faced cameras is more prominent, while B612 is the main net red-faced effect, a uniform large-eyed melon-seed face.

Focus on criticizing the next days P-map Panya makeup, why is my mouth this sub-son.

Like fairies with natural and real makeup effects, you can choose light-faced cameras and beautiful-looking cameras. Faceu has fairy effects. B612 has the strongest makeup feeling in it and is not allowed to have five features.

According to my own aesthetics, I prefer the effect of light and beautiful cameras, which is natural and true. Every day, P-chart is undoubtedly the clearest picture, but the skin is too ruthless and the facial features are flat.

Todays self-timer app evaluation is all about this. ~Finally, sum up: I hope to see this evaluation, everyone can take a beautiful Weixin avatar! Do you have any good self-timer tips or apps? Welcome to leave a message for discussion!

Unnamed Island Fan Welfare

Orange double-headed automatic eyebrow pen

Every day, I take out one cute person in the message and send out the welfare in the card. Babies who often leave messages are more likely to win the prize.~

Look at the beautiful circle of friends with my girlfriend~