If you pay so much for you, you will be eligible to be your girlfriend. You can do without paying.

 If you pay so much for you, you will be eligible to be your girlfriend. You can do without paying.

These sweetness, either in words, or in an action of mutual concern, a thoughtful expression. With these interactions, the feelings are normal, healthy and meaningful.

But there are still many people who feel that it is their own thing to love a person. Even if the other party does not love themselves, they should love him. Such love is indeed a kind of love, an involuntary love, irrepressible love.

But if such love is not accepted, at least not trampled on, if ignored and trampled on, then your fanaticism becomes wishful thinking and self-humiliation.

Xiaohua said that he lived in his boyfriends rental house, but his boyfriend often let her go, saying that it was his place, the house he rented, everything he paid for.

He shares Xiaohua very clearly and never spends a penny for her. But Xiaohua feels that he has to pay for himself. Why is everything his? Why cant he be his girlfriend?

Although the washing machine is his, the clothes are aired and collected by himself. The meal is steamed by myself. Although the food is fried by my boyfriend, it is washed by myself. She dragged the floor, washed the dishes and cleaned the house.

She feels she has paid a lot, but why cant she get his recognition and respect? She also thought her boyfriends house would be in such a mess if she didnt clean it up.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend said, I didnt let you pay for me, nor let you do this, you can completely do not, anyway, I also like dirty mess!

Speaking of this, no matter how silly Xiaohua is, he should also understand that his boyfriend does not love her, nor does he need her. But she still depends on not to leave, she said she left, a man alone life is not good, he does not like to tidy up.

As if the meaning of her existence was to help him clean up, she weakly found a reason for herself to stay: help him clean up.

And the only thing he could do was not appreciate it. Is this humble and silly love the way you want it to be? Is that the way you can accept it?

In other words, I cant accept and endure every minute. Even if you cant find a boyfriend, you cant get angry with such a man.

A person loves you, you dont have to do anything for him, as long as he can be with you, he is very happy, he feels that it is a kind of pay. But if a person doesnt love you, its no use paying more.

Whats more, such a trivial little effort, doing a little housework, also feel that it is the minimization of the pay, presumably also do not know what is the real pay bar.

Of course, a person does not love you, even if you pack his diet and living, even if you feed him to eat, he will not appreciate, but will feel annoyed, will feel uncomfortable.

But clearly drive you away, distinguish the boundaries with you, and stay, that is thick-skinned. Dont worry about how badly people are leaving you, and dont worry about what they cant do without you.

Because people who dont love you have a bad life when you are around them, because they are in a bad mood when they see you, and they are disgusted when they see you.

In a word, dont lie to yourself, dont give each other reasons, dont give yourself reasons, people who dont love you, just dont love you, just dont need you.

Living in the world, love is important, but also to choose the right person, if you feel that it is difficult to find a target, so you must rely on, then you can only say that you are really sad.

It must be that you are too bad, but also because you do not respect yourself, so you will be treated like that, you will encounter the kind of object that makes you feel unreasonable.

Reflect on these, do something beneficial to yourself, make yourself worthy of love, dont stay around, continue to be attacked and belittled by him, that will only make you worse and worse, to doubt life.