Salt or sweet, for the rest of your life, to be a hard to chase girl

 Salt or sweet, for the rest of your life, to be a hard to chase girl

Very frustrated, he said that he had talked so many times before love is not true love, only this time, is really heart.

Looking at his appearance, I understand the truth that everything falls into one thing. Of course, its worthless for the girls before. Perhaps this is the root of mans bad nature. He does not cherish the girl who is good to him at all. On the contrary, he does not like him and keeps him in mind so much. this

A clever girl must be like this. No matter how much he likes a man, no matter how he longs for love, he will not change himself, but salt can be sweet. It looks like its hard to catch up.

So, dear girl, no matter how good the person you like is, no matter how outstanding the person who pursues you is, you must be a girl who is hard to chase. Only in this way can you become the white moonlight in his heart, not the rice particles in front of his clothes.

Most of these girls have such characteristics.

01 Desire for food, but also very critical

I think the most lovely girl in the world is the one who likes to eat, because the girls who like to eat are very simple and love life. They never ask themselves to do anything, nor do they grieve themselves to accomplish anything.

Such girls tend to be sensible about their emotions, just as they treat delicacies, and will never wronged themselves. If you want to catch up with such a girl, you may need to be very careful, after all, the most difficult thing in the world is to accompany and sincerely.

If you can catch up with such a girl, then congratulations, you will be very happy for the rest of your life, because they are not unreasonable, vain, never need you to give her any expensive luxury, as long as they can be down-to-earth with her to eat well.

Of course, what I mean by love of eating is not the kind of eating oneself as a fat man without restraint, but the kind of desire, but also restraint, full of desire for food and full of hope for life.

02 heterosexual predestination is good, homosexual predestination is better

When a girl falls in love with a man, she often regards him as her whole world, no friends, no life of her own. But most men cant stand such feelings. They may endure them at first, but they want to run away for a long time.

Ive heard a lot of men say, I really cant stand it. Can we have some personal space? Im under too much pressure. Im tired of it.

The more this happens, the less secure the girl is, the more she wants to keep the man under control. Thus, feelings entered a vicious circle and eventually came to an end.

In fact, girls all know that men like girls who are occasionally emotionally rational and sometimes clingy. They can be invincible together, but they can force each other separately.

Although this requirement is somewhat unreasonable, I think that girls should strive to live out themselves, have their own social circles and career, no matter when, do not regard men and love as the most important thing in life.

I know a lot of girls like this. Love is just the icing on the cake for them. Its good to have a man who loves himself, but he can be better without him.

They have a lot of heterosexual friends, never rare men to accompany themselves, of course, their homosexual friends are more, life is always full of arrangements, boyfriends want to date also need to queue, there will be no boyfriend to stand up their pigeons on a person sad and painful situation.

Strangely, such a girl can find the kind of twenty-four filial boyfriends, and always be cherished in love. I think its just that they are not defined by love. They attract real love and let the men who only want to play back.

Occasionally speaking dirty words may be a little dirty

There is a kind of girl, they have many brothers from childhood to most, climbing trees together, climbing walls together, looking at beautiful women together, eating snacks together, skipping classes together, playing basketball together... Such a girl is particularly difficult to catch up with, because she has seen any kind of man, and the requirements for men are particularly high.

My girlfriend is such a girl. She always talks dirty words and dirty passages with boys. She feels envious because she is really strong inside and wont be easily surrendered and hurt by love.

I always think that the man who can catch up with such a girl must be a very good man, because they can see the soft touch in the girls heart, and then protect it well.

If you catch up with such girls, you should be happy, because they will not easily deliver themselves, but delivery, is a lifetime.

04 External softness and internal rigidity, fragile and strong

Most men have heroic complex, like women to rely on themselves, so the kind of weak girl is particularly easy to be liked and distressed by men. But ah, such a girl looks weak, in fact, the heart is very strong, very difficult to pursue.

Because powerful girls know what they want, and most of their energy in life is how to improve themselves, to live a happy life and self-worth. Emotion will not be the shackles of their lives, and they will not pay all for a man.

In this way, the girls who are soft and rigid inside are very smart, and will make full use of their female advantages, so that men can pay for themselves and win their due rights.

Moreover, such girls are not afraid of loneliness, are not sensitive, do not feel abandoned by the world because of a persons life, they will consider singleness as the best value-added period.

In my opinion, the girl is going to live like this. She seems to be a weak little princess, but in fact, it is the only woman in the drama of life. It does not matter what a man loves or what. I am happy and most important.

A smart girl must have a principle and a bottom line. She must know what she wants. A smart girl never falls head over heels in love and forgets everything. A smart girl never regards love as her whole.

The rest of life must be such a girl, but salt can be sweet, soft and hard, but cool and vulgar, and give yourself to the man who loves you truly.

May every girl meet the one who really loves you, and also hope that every man can catch up with the most difficult girl with an ardent heart.

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