Some words, just want to tell you.

 Some words, just want to tell you.

Secretly like a person, hidden in the heart, but dare not tell her.

But like, not from the mouth, but also from the eyes.

Always can avoid all people, eyes only follow her; always unconsciously, pay attention to her every move.

Her smile touches the most beautiful chord in her heart.

In fact, hundreds of emotions have been brewed in my heart and a series has been staged.

Love is deep, but hidden.

Every morning, warm coffee, black pencil painted silent colorful drama, hoarse singing in the corner, as well as every time I look at you, want to say and stop eyes, all hide the secret of I like you.

I thought you would understand.

But when another person tells you that he likes you, I see a smile in your eyes.

I knew you didnt understand.

Or, you dont want to understand, you dont want to understand.

After all, I dare not say that I like it, but hide it in the years and end up with no illness.

This love is just my one-man show.

Every secret lover is contradictory and clumsy.

Carefully grasp the scale, afraid not to be found by her, but also afraid to be found by her.

Holding a glimmer of hope, thinking that if she likes me, but because of my cover-up, did not find my love, missed, is forever regret.

But I am also worried that there are not so many if in the world, but there are countless if.

I feel that I am not good enough, just wishful thinking, even if she knows, the answer is:

Youre fine, but I dont like it.

Thank you for liking me, but we are not suitable.

There are thousands of words in my heart, but after simply saying hello, I turned around and left. I dare not move a little more and say more.

No courage to speak, nor dare to bear the consequences of rejection.

Its not regret, its regret.

A simple I like you is like tens of millions of kilograms weighing heavily on my heart, unable to say it.

I know she buys a cup of soybean milk at that breakfast shop every morning.

So good days, every two or three weeks, before going out, carefully tie, wear a suit, make a not too frequent, will not let her suspect the occasional encounter.

Knowing that she likes the blue sky stars, the floral language is Watch for love.

On her birthday, she ordered a large handful to her home, without leaving a name or saying she liked it. There was only one sentence on the card, I wish you find your love as soon as possible.

Because worrying about an unknown admirer can upset her.

Careful care of this love, looking forward to each brief encounter and together.

Keep everything in your heart, savor every joy alone, and chew every loss.

Netease Yunli has a highly praised comment:

Secret love was originally a successful pantomime, which turned out to be a tragedy.

I think that the reason why secret love is called secret love lies in this silence, like but dare not say it.

Its not fear of rejection.

They are afraid of their own likes, which will bring trouble to that person.

Afraid of being rejected, all hope is dashed, two people no longer intersect, even like the qualifications, no longer.

Afraid of being rejected thoroughly, it is impossible to meet once every two or three weeks, send all the stars and greeting cards secretly, and greet each other politely.

So, we can only hide everything in our hearts.

The feeling that only one can experience has accumulated over the years, bit by bit.

Maybe later, you dont know whether you like the person or the persistence.

In fact, the outcome is not important.

Whats important is that you used to be alone and passionate for a person.