Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions: Any further turmoil in Hong Kong will turn into a negative teaching material for the development of the Mainland.

 Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions: Any further turmoil in Hong Kong will turn into a negative teaching material for the development of the Mainland.

Global Times: What is the impact of these demonstrations on grass-roots workers?

Wu Qiubei: No doubt it brings a lot of inconvenience. On the one hand, it is inconvenient in social order, life and transportation. On the other hand, it is a blow to the whole economy. Especially in the tourism, catering, hotel, retail, transportation and logistics industries, it has basically hit a large area, and the turnover has decreased by 30% to 40%. Some of them, including one of the glasses stores I visited the other day, have reduced their turnover by 60%.

And these opposition thugs have shamelessly said that this is not their problem, but the problem of the SAR government. They claim that only when the whole economy is paralyzed, the SAR government will know the pain and fulfill their demands. This is to put the interests of Hong Kong as a whole and those of migrant workers in a victim of their politics or violence. It is extremely irresponsible to pursue freedom and sacrifice the freedom of others.

Global Times: The workersclub itself is not directly related to the so-called demands of the opposition. Why did they come to attack the workers club?

Wu Qiubei: In the amendment of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, the trade union has clearly supported the SAR Government to plug this loophole in law, and the opposition has always held a grudge against it. Throughout the process of revision of the law, every group or individual who supports the whole SAR government and the police will be targeted, suppressed or impacted.

The day they hit, we were already on guard. There were people in it. Of course, we didnt want to have a direct conflict with those people. But their graffiti is an insult to the trade union and a challenge to the migrant workers, which we will remember. Criminal destruction is a serious matter in Hong Kong.

Those who wrap themselves up tightly are smeared with black spray paint while others block them with umbrellas, which shows that they are premeditated, knowledgeable and illegal, which is a challenge to the rule of law. These real thugs also use the Hong Kong-British era to describe the anti-British riots of the workers in 1967, which is shameful and is against the workers.

WorkersClubs of Trade Unions

Global Times: How many workers are registered by the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions?

The so-called three strikes (strikes, strikes, strikes) that the opposition had previously carried out claimed that workers throughout Hong Kong had participated in the strikes, which was a completely deceptive pretext. When they announced the strike, the trade union expressed its clear opposition to the banner. Their strikes were deceptive and totally unsuccessful. At most, there are some people who go on leave without going to work. There is no real strike that lasts only one day. If they cant get a strike, they go to the subway, which prevents people and subway employees from going to work. This is called a strike. Its also ridiculous.

Global Times: From the initial period when Hong Kong citizens silently tolerated the extreme acts of the opposition to the beginning of more and more silent majority voices, but there are still many just and brave voices besieged and abused by the extreme opposition. What do you think of this situation?

Wu Qiubei: On the one hand, these demonstrators demanded all kinds of freedom and political democracy, but what they demonstrated and occupied was their tyrannical dictatorship. Different voices in a place would be severely suppressed. If people remain silent, they will only tolerate these mobs more. So we must condemn, as long as someone shouts the first sentence, there will certainly be other people to echo, so that the mobs temper will not be so arrogant.

Many people say that the opposition is engaged in black terror, so there is also a cold cicada effect, some people dare not speak out, in this case, social integrity can not be demonstrated. If righteousness is not clear, evil will flourish, so we still need to condense righteousness. We have gathered many times to amplify the voice of justice and to dare the people to say no to the violence of these thugs. I believe that the mainstream public opinion in Hong Kong still wants a stable, legal and orderly life.

Global Times: What do you think of the oppositions claim that it does not have a grandstand (behind-the-scenes commander)?

Whether they command on the spot or operate on the internet, they can be seen mobilizing through telegram, Lianden and other social media platforms. What they want to do is to have obvious characteristics of color revolution and even the beginning of terrorism. The people must understand the essence of this matter.

Global Times: The Hong Kong police have been accused by the opposition for a long time. Do you think the Hong Kong police have been very restrained?

Wu Qiubei: It is the most restrained and conservative to take the law enforcement situation of the whole police force in Hong Kong to any place in the world. The reason why Hong Kong police are so restrained is that they do not want to see bloodshed and casualties, but restraint has also led to the intensification of the mob.

The police is the last line of defence for the rule of law in Hong Kong. The opposition hates it very much. The intention of the opposition mob to target the police so much is to dismantle the police force in Hong Kong. They say that the police are black policemen, and then they go to the polices family to the bottom of the network bullying.

I estimate that after the beginning of school on September 2nd, a large proportion of police families and students will be bullied by teachers who have problems and students who do not understand the reason. More than 100 police officers have been injured, but the Hong Kong media rarely report on these contents, which shows that they are also intentionally attacking the police. Fortunately, the 1.4 billion compatriots in the whole country have given great spiritual support to the Hong Kong police in this humiliating burden.

Global Times: Recently, Shenzhen is conducting an armed police exercise. The opposition calls it a kind of intimidation. What do you think of it?

Wu Qiubei: This statement is ridiculous. How can the general public feel that the armed police would intimidate them? If a person does not commit a crime, how can he be afraid of the impact of riots? Only those who really commit crimes and have ghosts in their hearts will be afraid. This shows that they know they are committing a crime. Of course, it is impossible for Shenzhens armed police to come to Hong Kong to enforce the law at once. This is stipulated by the principle of one country, two systems. Even the armed police in Shenzhen felt frightened, which showed how many dirty and violent things they had done.

The PLA has garrisons in Hong Kong. It is also decided by the Central Military Commission that what kind of Garrison should be sent to Hong Kong. Articles 14 and 18 of the Basic Law are very important guarantees for the stability of Hong Kong. If the opposition keeps escalating its violent impact, threatening the territorial integrity of the whole country and the implementation of the one country, two systems, we have the means to protect Hong Kong and will not let them do so arbitrarily.

The Five Great Appeals are the Five Great Absurdities and are the excuse for the oppositions color revolution.

Global Times: What do you think is the source of Hong Kongs current problems?

Wu Qiubei: Hong Kongs deep-seated economic structural contradictions and the disparity between rich and poor caused by monopoly capital have greatly contributed to this storm. Where people are dissatisfied with the government, they are involved in the whole process, which shows that these deep-seated problems can easily ignite some political issues, which the SAR government needs to face up to. Coupled with the infiltration of external forces, internal and external factors became the movement storm.

On the issue of the disparity between the rich and the poor, the trade union has been making the government take some major actions in labor policy, income distribution, taxation and pension. It can finally let the workers at the grass-roots level share the fruits of Hong Kongs development and have more sense of gain and happiness as the mainland says.

More active efforts must be made to find land and land to build more public housing for waiting people. Now there are 300,000 and 400,000 people on the waiting list. The previous waiting time was three years, but now it has increased to five years. This situation must be improved and solved.

Global Times: Do you think the oppositions demands to withdraw the characterization of the riots and not accuse offenders are reasonable?

Wu Qiubei: Their so-called five demands are indispensable is a typical reference of the color revolution, which is the way they want to continue the whole violent movement.

First, they asked for the withdrawal of the amendments to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance. Now the SAR Government has told the public that the whole work of the revision has been completely stopped, so there is no appeal for this.

They also called for the establishment of the so-called Independent Investigation Commission, which is also aimed at the police and dismantling the police force. Its a wolfs ambition to carry out a color revolution and to check the police. When the so-called independent commission of inquiry is established, they will constantly summon the police, which will lead to the police unable to enforce the law.

The other is to call for double general elections, which have no legal basis and should be carried out immediately. This is more unrealistic. It can be seen that their so-called five appeals are the five absurdities, which are all excuses for their violence and color revolution.

Global Times: Hong Kong Chief Executive Lin Zheng Yue-e expressed his willingness to establish a communication platform and to go to the grass-roots level for dialogue, which reflects what kind of signal does the SAR Government have?

Wu Qiubei: The SAR government has always wanted to have a dialogue with the people concerned, but the opposition has launched a so-called no platform, that is, because they do not want to communicate at all. Everyone who wants to communicate will be attacked by them and say, You dont represent me. Its also a very difficult place for the government to talk, but it cant.

There is no way for the mob to talk to each other, but the government has to face other people, such as the trade union to listen to some of our appeals for the policy report. In the future, we should listen to the peoples voices, especially in the economic and social welfare, in the process of reforming the present economic structure, reforming the government and reforming the present society, which is highly monopolistic. The voice of the people in the interests of the people, such a platform for communication and dialogue is very necessary.

Communication platform is also a way to solve the current political shock. With more people coming directly to talk to government officials, fewer and fewer people will be hijacked by the opposition, and the movement will slow down. Of course, the opposition and the thugs do not want to talk. Their intention is not to really talk. They want to keep the shock and violence going.

Global Times: The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council recently issued a circular on support for Shenzhen to build a pilot demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Some people say that this gives Shenzhen a new development orientation, but it may endanger the status of Hong Kong. What do you think?

Wu Qiubei: Now Shenzhens GDP has surpassed Hong Kongs. This positioning given to Shenzhen by the Mainland is in fact in line with the future of the whole Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Great Bay Area. The central government has given Shenzhen more tasks and policy support.

Of course, there will be some Hong Kong people who feel superior to themselves, and they will have some views that if Shenzhen develops well in the future, Hong Kongs position will be marginalized. In fact, it is also because Hong Kong has not grasped the opportunity of development because of its own demand. The Great Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao also gives us a good position of opportunity, but if Hong Kong is engaged in civil strife itself, it is no wonder that it does not seize the opportunity for development. It is no wonder that Shenzhen or the country are not to blame.

This means that Hong Kong will become a negative textbook for the development of the Mainland. If Hong Kong continues to suffer from civil strife, the cities in the Dawan District will continue to develop, which is tantamount to showing the mainland and the world that if they engage in civil strife themselves, economic development will not go up, and then become a negative teaching material.

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