Women searched for kid killing videos before mugging their 3-year-old baby without napping

 Women searched for kid killing videos before mugging their 3-year-old baby without napping

Modern Express reporters learned that Geng Ping, 31, was born in Dingyuan County, Anhui Province, and currently lives in Pukou, Nanjing, where she has been treated for psychiatric disorders. On February 16, 2019, at 3 p.m., because his son Beibei refused to take a nap at home, Geng was calm and impatient. He covered his sons mouth and nose with a pillow for a long time and killed him. According to forensic identification, Beibei died of asphyxia.

After identification, Geng Ping suffered from mental disorders caused by epilepsy and limited criminal responsibility when committing a crime. Geng Pings husband returned home and found his son dead. He immediately called the police, who later arrested Geng Ping.

In court, Geng Ping said that she had not been at work. After the birth of the child, she took the child at home. Sometimes the parents would take it with her, and her husband would be responsible for working and making money. Seven or eight months before the crime, she stopped taking psychotropic drugs because she had an uncomfortable stomach.

Geng Ping said in court, The son is a trouble. If the son dies, he will be relieved and will not bring trouble to his husband. She also said, A child is redundant at birth, and I want to throw him away when he is born. My husband also wants to send him to kindergarten. He feels very hard. Its good that the child dies, but he cant do it all the time. This time he refused to go to bed, and I covered him up in anger.

The prosecution issued a public prosecution opinion, Geng Ping covered his sons face with a pillow for more than 10 minutes until his son remained motionless. Although Geng Ping is a person with limited criminal responsibility, he has not lost the ability to identify and control, but has weakened. Geng Ping intentionally pursued his sons death. Geng Ping searched for videos of killing children before the incident. Although there is no sufficient evidence to prove that Geng Ping was a premeditated crime, her earlier behavior is also a confirmation of her intentional killing of her son. In a word, Geng Pings behavior constitutes the crime of intentional homicide.

The prosecution also put forward the reflection that the mother who loved the children most became the murderer of the children, and everyone was saddened by the tragedy. Gengpings mental illness was the cause of the tragedy. The hospital had given doctorsinstructions to prevent her from committing suicide, self-injury, impulse injury and other accidents. If family members could care more about Geng Ping and society could help the mentally ill, maybe this would not happen. (The alias of the characters in the article)

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