The Foundation of Firm Force and the Source of Belief in Dealing with Sino-US Economic and Trade Frictions

 The Foundation of Firm Force and the Source of Belief in Dealing with Sino-US Economic and Trade Frictions

There was a repetition of the old technique of threatening to impose tariffs, and then a few days later China was declared a currency manipulator. Not long ago, the tariff stick, which was supposed to be laid down, was raised again, and the exchange rate weapon which had not been used against China for 25 years, was out of the warehouse again.

Another round of noisy face-changing drama and another turbulent and disorderly drumming. Faced with the extreme pressure of escalating economic and trade frictions, Chinas answer remains firm and forceful.u2014u2014

In the Sino-US economic and trade negotiations, Chinas principles and positions remain the same, its efforts and sincerity remain the same, and its demands for equality and respect remain the same. In any extreme pressure, pressure comes not from panic and submission, but from perseverance, fearlessness and determination.

China is a country with rich history and brilliant civilization. To observe and understand China, we must look at both history and reality, as well as material and spiritual aspects. It is in this sense that we should strengthen the spirit and spirit of being a Chinese.

The Chinese nation is a nation with innovative courage and enterprising spirit. It can not only seek after hardships and setbacks and advance in the wind and rain, but also stand up to the call of the times and strive for the revival of dreams. It is in this sense that we should, in particular, foster the spirit of tenacious struggle and hard work in tackling key problems.

Only by revisiting the spirit, strength and ambition behind Chinas development can we understand what is called Chinas economy is a sea, not a small pond. As long as we firm the inherent spirit, strength and ambition of the Chinese nation, face difficulties, calmly respond and precisely implement policies, we will certainly be able to maintain the war in this battle of will. The final triumph of justice and justice will be won by the determination of strength.

A 10% tariff will be imposed on $300 billion of Chinese imports to the United States. On August 1, this message from across the ocean once again gave the world a glimpse of the baseline of unilateralism and trade bullying. Recently, the U.S. Trade Representative Office officially announced the decision.

The worlds major capital markets reacted violently, foreign media worried that the world economy will become a victim and experts commented that trade bullying will harm the whole world, but Chinese people, after repeatedly experiencing the vicissitudes of the United States, have instead entered a tranquil public opinion.

There was surprise but no panic, anger but no frustration. On the Chinese Internet in early August, various media were paying tribute to the Peoples Liberation Army for its 92nd anniversary. Hundreds of millions of people conveyed the topic of Five-Star Red Flag has 1.4 billion flag bearers, and the discussion of celebrating the 70th birthday of the Republic kept heating up. American bullying, on the contrary, has made more Chinese feel the historical texture of 70 years, the historical context of strengthening up, the historical weight of Chinese spirit and Chinese spirit.

In the past 70 years, the Republic has witnessed various international storms.

With the birth of the new regime and the isolation of Western politics, economic blockade and diplomatic containment, the number of countries establishing diplomatic relations can be counted by breaking their fingers. Even countries trying to establish diplomatic relations with China are subject to U.S. economic sanctions. It took 20 years for New China to return to the United Nations. Until the 26th General Assembly of the United Nations in 1971, other countries tried to do so. Take the double-representative proposal as a last resort. But today, 70 years later, China has become the largest trading partner in more than 200 countries and regions around the world. China has become the representative of the worlds emerging forces and the vane of global economic development.

In the past 70 years, the Republic has crossed countless development frontiers from 0 to 1.

Looking back on the world economic data of 1950, the per capita electricity generation of the United States is equivalent to 1000 China, and the per capita steel production of the United States is equivalent to 200 China. Professor Wu Cangping, the founder of Chinese demography in his early years, once lamented the reporter of Guangming Daily. When I visited the United States in the early days of the founding of the Peoples Republic, I knew what GDP was and how poor China was!

Looking back at the historical photographs at the beginning of reform and opening up: people wearing hats, rubber shoes and carrying burdens are all over Shenzhen streets and alleys; a commercial street 7 meters wide appears in Pudong, Shanghai, which has become a new thing. But in just a few decades, how about Shenzhen today, Pudong today, and China, which contributes 30% to world economic growth today?

New China was born in the salute. Some people sneered that the Chinese government could not solve the problem of peoples food. After more than 40 years of drastic changes in Eastern Europe and the disintegration of the Soviet Union, some people predict that socialism will soon die. After decades of reform and opening up, Chinas economy has grown steadily. Some people ask: Can the Chinese model continue?

Eventually, all these problems turn into history. Of course, they also become a special background sound, reflecting the Chinese peoples footsteps of opening up mountains and opening up roads.u2014u2014

Oil workers in China once erected rigs on wilderness by hand, Chinese two bombs and one star Yuan Xun used overhead packing boxes as protective devices to develop satellite antennas, and Chinese people caused traffic congestion after Wenchuan earthquake due to blood donation. The spirit of Daqing, Lei Feng and two bombs and one star in the period of socialist construction, the spirit of flood fighting, manned space flight and earthquake relief in the new period of reform and opening up, recorded the generous song of Chinese children, raised the backbone of China and highlighted the backbone of China.

With this spirit, China has fed nearly a quarter of the worlds population with 7% of the worlds arable land; with this spirit, China has constructed from scratch the worlds most complete industrial system and the worlds largest high-speed railway network; with this spirit, China has completed more than 700 million grand projects to get rid of poverty in just a few decades; Backbone, China is creating a miracle of nearly 1.4 billion people jointly entering modernization, which is unprecedented in human history.

Yulei floating clouds change from ancient to modern.

The Chinese, who once raised the five-star red flag in the ruins of war, had countless times sought the road of recovery in isolation and helplessness, and successfully condensed the centuries-old history of modernization into the lives of a generation. The storms and waves were no longer enough to alarm them. Under the background of economic globalization in the 21st century, the countercurrent of unilateralism may only be tempering such beliefs over and over again.u2014u2014

Stand high and look forward with all setbacks.

2. Face the test with Chinas undertone

Its tough after millions of shocks. It is a journey through storms and hardships, a struggle to rebirth, which has accumulated the strong strength of a large developing country and achieved the solid foundation of an ancient nation.

At the beginning of August, when some Americans were pressing China again with renewal measures, a set of newly published figures were intriguing. In the first seven months of this year, Chinas total import and export value of foreign trade increased by 4.2% year-on-year. Among them, the trend of one drop and a few increase is quite clear: it has dropped by 8.1% compared with the US import and export; it has increased by 10.2% in terms of imports and exports along with the one belt and one road, 10.8% growth in imports and exports with the European Union, and 11.3% growth in imports and exports with ASEAN.

The vigorous foreign trade will inevitably have a lost corner, but it will be able to hedge risks with harvested mulberry and maintain stability.

In response, Chinas absorption and utilization of foreign capital in the first half of the year also maintained a steady growth trend. In the words of the responsible person of the Ministry of Commerce, Chinas foreign trade and foreign investment situation is stable in the past, stable in the present and stable in the future.

Chinas economic growth remains resilient in the face of increasing uncertainties of global instability. The World Banks China Economic Bulletin in May judges this.

It is in the continuous experience of dealing with the escalating provocations of the United States that Chinas economy has shown great resilience, sufficient potential and sufficient room for manoeuvre. Facts have proved that the fundamentals of Chinas long-term economic improvement will remain unchanged, Chinas comprehensive advantages against hegemony will remain unchanged, and Chinas full strength to break through the blockade will remain unchanged.

This kind of undertone comes from the tremendous achievements made in reform and opening up, and the national power and national transportation shaped by it.

Relying on the key tactics of reform and opening up, China has spent 40 years telling the hard truth of development, and has realized the long-cherished wish of enriching the country and strengthening the people. From being deprived of membership to becoming the worlds second largest economy, the largest industrial country and the largest trading country in goods, with a complete industrial system, the worlds richest industrial chain and a huge domestic demand market, from poor and weak, to achieving high-speed long-term economic growth that attracts worldwide attention, With the tremendous growth in living standards and remarkable achievements in poverty reduction, China has made epic progress and written the most unusual story. According to Roth Yi, a British scholar who has studied Chinese economy for more than 30 years, this magnificent course is of great significance in world history. It not only laid a solid foundation for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, but also made great contributions to the improvement of the overall living standard of mankind.

This kind of undertone comes from the development pursuit of high-quality, industry towards high-end development concept innovation, development mode transformation.

In the short span of 6 years, the one belt and one way construction initiated by China has won the trust vote of more than 160 countries and international organizations with cooperative documents, and has become an open and inclusive international cooperation platform and a popular global public product. Create new international institutions such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, carry out home diplomacy activities such as the International Import Fair, and successively reduce the entry threshold for foreign investment... The more unilateralism and protectionism spread, the more China actively integrated into the global division of labor system and industrial chain, innovation chain and value chain, fully fulfilled its opening commitments, developed a higher level of open economy, strengthened itself and enabled the world.

Behind these gifts from China to the world and golden keys to solving global problems, is the concept of the community of human destiny written in the UN resolutions, the tireless efforts to promote the new economic globalization and the reform of the global governance system, and the Chinese plan to realize the common development of all mankind.

The power of doing improves, and the depth of knowing increases.

All kinds of efforts and accumulated achievements have made the Chinese people deeply understand that Chinas past and present rely on the direction of the Partys leadership and pilotage, on the great strength of all the people, and on the self-confidence of the great powers formed by the multi-dimensional convergence of theory, road, system and culture. Therefore, in the face of any risks, we are not confused, fearless and chaotic, which will only make the development more steadily forward.

Four days after the United States unjustly accused China of being a currency manipulator, the International Monetary Fund issued Chinas annual Article IV consultation report, reiterating that the level of RMB exchange rate is basically in line with economic fundamentals. The report shows that it is illegal, unreasonable and unreasonable for the United States to list China as a currency manipulator.

Justice is in the heart. Even Dong Yunchang, former acting assistant secretary of state of the United States, believes that the current U.S. policy toward China is heading in the wrong direction. She pointed out that criticism, provocation and threats against such a proud people with a long history as the Chinese would produce undesirable consequences, which would only set a glorious example of actively seeking to hinder the progress of one fifth of the worlds population.

History has formed a sober judgment. The world is bound to make just choices.

3. Win the Future with Chinas Ambition

There are no distant aspirations.

The national ambition of the Chinese nation to constantly strive for self-improvement and overcome difficulties, the spirit of perseverance and perseverance, and the spirit of struggle to move forward, run through the vicissitudes of the history of the evolution of Chinese civilization and the vivid reality of peaceful development, and connect the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with the grand future of building a community of human destiny.

The economic and trade frictions between China and the United States, which have attracted worldwide attention for more than a year, are just another necessary obstacle in the process of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In the face of challenges, the Chinese people have worked together to shine their eyes and boost their confidence in the struggle, to see the prospects for national development more clearly and to straighten up the backbone of self-reliance and self-reliance.

This is a struggle that transcends the present and concerns the future. The way big powers live together and govern globally is becoming clearer and clearer when they talk and fight in China and the United States. Some people on the US side have exerted extreme pressure to make it clear to the international community, including its allies, that Chinas calm, firm and rational restraint is not only the need to safeguard the fundamental interests of the country, but also the need to safeguard fair and just international economic and trade rules and global governance order.

In an interview with Sky News, Australian Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said that the US tariffs imposed on China are not good for the global economy, Australia and China and the United States, and Australia does not welcome unilateral tariff increases. If the US side implements its decision to impose tariffs on 300 billion US dollars of Chinese imports to the US, it will probably violate WTO rules.

Where is the future of equal dignity and independent development without the present situation of daring to fight and being good at fighting? Todays world is facing unprecedented changes in a century. Peace and development are still the theme of the times, but the uncertainty of instability is more prominent, and the common challenges facing mankind are still severe. The rise of protectionism and unilateralism has impacted the global governance system and multilateral mechanisms; the rise of international competition friction and the intensification of the color of geo-game have eroded the trust and cooperation of the international community; regional conflicts and local wars continue, and terrorism is still rampant, destroying the people of many countries; the counter-current of anti-globalization is far from complete. As a result, we are still trying to curb the historical trend of economic globalization.

Faced with the choice of where human development should go at the crossroads, all countries should take the world as their responsibility, actively act as actors and not as watchers, and work together to grasp the future and destiny of human beings in their own hands. This is not only the idea of Nianzi in China, but also the way that China pursues.

China still has a long way to go and faces many internal and external challenges. But the Chinese people and their leaders have found a way to the other side. Peter Nolan, an expert on China at the University of Cambridge, UK, sees China in this way.

The socialist road with Chinese characteristics we have chosen is the only way to realize socialist modernization and create a better life for the people, and the only way to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This is a road that carries the profound spiritual pursuit of the Chinese people and the great dream of national rejuvenation. It is also a road that transcends the narrow interest pattern and shines the light of human ideal. It will surely inject the light into the twilight of the future.

What links history with the future is the foresight of thought and the responsibility of action. China in the future will embrace the world with a more open attitude and contribute to the world with a more vigorous civilization. China firmly believes that the destiny of mankind has never been so closely linked as it is today, that the interests of all countries have never been so deeply integrated as today, and that the trend of peace, development, cooperation and win-win is irresistible. Faced with deficit management, trust deficit, peace deficit and development deficit, China will continue to work with all parties to advocate multilateralism, improve global governance and negotiate solutions.

It is the inertia of thinking and the pattern of self-interest that blockades the path of the future. In the economic and trade negotiations, the United States frequently talked in disbelief and made nothing of it. Whats more, some people fabricated or imagined Red Panic, Civilization Conflict, New Cold War, China Challenges International Order and advocated the containment of China and the perpetual preservation of hegemony. All this is due to the inertia of holding the Cold War mentality and hegemonic mentality.

Who is sad about the people who lost their way? Walking along the dead road of zero-sum game may not make some people in the United States gain some short-term local benefits gloriously, but it will block the win-win road of cooperation between the United States and China and even the world.