CCTVs hot comment: Smart lampposts measure the IQ of the mob and show their stupidity

 CCTVs hot comment: Smart lampposts measure the IQ of the mob and show their stupidity

Lack of morals! Radical demonstrators in Hong Kong destroyed lamp posts with electric saws (Source:)

What a lamppost of wisdom! Its a vicious thug!

First it was sawn, then the shell was broken. It is said that the mob thinks that the intelligent lamp post has the function of face recognition, so he hates the lamp post. Not to mention that the Information Technology Office of the SAR Government has long pointed out that the intelligent lamp post has no face recognition function and can not detect identity. Even with this function, it is not self-evident guilt that the mob destroys it, which shows that they are aware of the violation of law and discipline. Otherwise, what are you afraid of?

As netizens have said, the true function of the lamp post has been verified - the intelligence quotient of the mob has been measured. The lamppost of wisdom shines like a demons mirror, showing the folly of the mob and their violence. Public facilities serve the public and succeed with disabilities. Is this brain damage or self-injury? What are these brain circuits? Do bad things and destroy dead bodies?

Combing a series of atrocities over the past few days, we can clearly feel that the mobs IQ is worrying and its ugliness is full of! According to Hong Kong media reports, each smart lamp post is worth as much as HK$2.3 million, destroying several, with serious consequences. The police have indicated that they will pursue to the end the punishment of destroying the wisdom lamp post and so on! _________.

Many acts of injustice will kill themselves. Wait, those who destroy the lamppost will be smashed down by the lamppost.

Hong Kong demonstrators destroyed street lights with saws suspected of facial recognition

On the 24th, during a demonstration in Hong Kong, some radical demonstrators destroyed and pulled down lamp posts with chainsaws on the grounds of suspecting that lamp posts had face recognition function, and then trampled and destroyed lamp posts further. As a matter of fact, the HKSAR government has dispelled rumors on 23rd. The non-personal data collected by the smart lamp post has no facial recognition function, and the captured data will not be used for face recognition applications.