Peoples Daily: Apple Dailys insult and profanity of National Day has become Hong Kongs shame

 Peoples Daily: Apple Dailys insult and profanity of National Day has become Hong Kongs shame

Trump announced that he would impose tariffs on China. The Hong Kong media Apple Daily even made the headline 10.1 for Qing Trump to announce an additional 5% tariff on all Chinese goods. It mocked and insulted the National Day and celebrated the US offensive. Apple is poisonous and is well-known.

There has been no good harbor media for a long time. A few days ago, as a reporter of Apple Daily, at a press conference at the Hong Kong Police Headquarters, Chen Xiaoqian, a reporter of Guangdong Radio and Television Station, was wantonly blocked and maliciously obstructed. Reporters interfere with journalists, peers are difficult to peer, or behind the first position, is the loss of journalistic ethics. It is customary to wear colored glasses to look at the mainland on weekdays, adding fuel and vinegar to stir up the fire and never miss it; since the anti-revision storm, it has taken the name of freedom of the press to fight against the harbor of chaos in China, distorting the law enforcement of the police, blocking the law enforcement of the police, and even shouting at the CE media meeting: Lin Tai, when will you die? u201d Under the banner of freedom of the press, violating freedom of the press, disrupting the hearts and minds of the people, and uncontrolled Hong Kong media have become the shame of Hong Kong and a source of disruption.

Hong Kong needs to stop riots and restore order, but we must not forget that the order of news reporting is also an important part of social order. It is impossible for us to expect that bad media will prevail and the public will not be alarmed. Therefore, the black clothes who perpetrate violence should be brought to justice, and those who create black terror in the media should not be allowed to do so. The uncrowned king must not be tolerated as shameless people.

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