Post-90s Doctor takes in more than 150 stray cats in the basement: Whats missing here is people.

 Post-90s Doctor takes in more than 150 stray cats in the basement: Whats missing here is people.

In Beijing, there is an underground cat city, where at most 150 stray cats are kept at the same time. They accompanied Yin Yi for three years and spent a long, lonely time reading a blog.

Some people say that this is a cat lovers paradise. But even so, Yin Yi still hopes that one day this underground cat city will disappear, angels can find a better home.

Underground Cat City, Yin Yi stood in the light and picked up a beloved stray cat.

Post-90s Dr Yin Yi and His Underground Cat City

A kind of

The Time of Reading Bo Cured by Cats

Open a thin iron door, bend down a dozen steps of cement, hundreds of square meters of open basement, dozens of pairs of bright eyes, brush to Yin Yi to see - eyes from his closest partners today.

This cat shed, built by good-hearted people, has captured about 150 stray cats since 2012 under the nearby TNR (Catch-Sterilize-Return) project. Yin Yi has been a volunteer here for more than three years. These stray cats accompanied him through a long and lonely time of reading a blog.

Later, some of them were released, some were successfully adopted, some left because of illness or aging, and now there are about half of them, nearly a quarter of them still need treatment.

I didnt really do anything. This is what Yin Yi repeatedly said. He always felt that these cats brought him more.

Not long ago, a abandoned kitten came to the Underground Cat City. The kitten was very active, so Yin Yi opened the cage and played with it.

Born in 1990, Yin Yi is about to graduate from the General Institute of Iron and Steel Research. His love for small animals can be traced back to his childhood, when he lived in a bungalow at home, there has been no shortage of small animals around him.

When he studied in Beijing in 2015, he felt unprecedented loneliness. When I first arrived, I had few friends, and a dozen students in the group had little contact with each other. They were busy in their dormitories. Yin Yi said that at that time, he had not spoken to anyone for more than a week at the longest time, probably a little depressed.

From then on, he began to pay attention to some small animal rescue information in Beijing. In 2016, when he first started school, he searched for Aunt Wu Warm Catshed on Weibo and found it here, and decided to volunteer.

Attentions for volunteers who come to Underground Cat City are posted on the wall.

Yin Yi remembers that when he first came here, the environment was very poor. The basement was damp and unventilated. Many cat climbing frames and cages had been used for many years. They were crooked and looked sad.

But it is in this seemingly ruined place that Yin Yi and the cats get along day by day and heal each other. Once you come here, youll feel better after a while with the cat.

The special eyes of stray cats

Walk into the catshed at 7:00 a.m., replace drinking water with a large plastic kettle, add new cat food to the cat rice basin, check the dehumidifier and air purifier... Work hard for about an hour, play with the cat for a while, and then go back to school.

Air purifiers and dehumidifiers have been installed in the catshed this year, which has greatly improved the air in the basement.

On days like this, he spent three spring and autumn with the cat, one day at a time. Until now, he started his internship, because of limited time and energy, he began to change to a weekend, and never broke his appointment.

It was his favorite time to pour cat food --- a dozen cats gathered around him, some sticky cats rubbed around his feet. It felt so cool.

But when he stepped into the intensive care unit, which was separated by a cage and a mattress on one side, his mood became heavy again. All the cats living here need treatment. They suffer from colds, nasal branches, mosses, stomatitis and so on. Some serious cases have been judged by veterinarians as not long to live.

Yin Yi is sorting out vaccines and medicines for cats in the refrigerator.

Yin Yi recalled that when he first came, one fifth of the cats here suffered from various diseases, and their condition was not optimistic when they were delivered. He remembered how the first cat died in front of him. When he found out the next morning, his body was stiff, his teeth were still biting the cage, and finally he broke the wire with pliers before he took it out.

That touched me a lot. The cat that rubbed at your feet the other day and played with you disappeared the next day.

Yin Yi stroked the orange cat towed by her forelimbs and paralysis was crushed by wheels and almost lost her life.

Beauty cant move the lower half of her body. She can only sit like this at ordinary times. She has been hit by a car and left a disability.

Vagrant cats have their own unfortunate lives, so Yin Yi is particularly worried about some abandoned or even abused domestic cats.

There was a silver gradient named Goodbye, which had two large circular burns on its body when it first came. Yin Yi speculated that it was scalded with cigars. Still the old saying, if you dont love, at least dont hurt them.

In addition to treatment, these cats also enjoy the treatment of small cookers. Royal cat food, better canned chicken and chicken gradually recover from coat color to weight.

There is also a change in the eyes, no longer so vigilant. The stray cats eyes are different from those of the domestic cat. They often hide in the corner and look at you vigilantly without relatives. Yin Yi said that besides eating and drinking, they need more company.

The most deficient is human

Today, the environment here has undergone a major upgrade - in 2017, a photographic Big V came here to take pictures and send them on micro-blog, which attracted many peoples attention and began to donate materials one after another.

With their help, the cat sleeps on the new upper and lower beds, and the intensive care unit has a thick moisture-proof mattress... That summer, they upgraded the roof and built a balcony for cats to bask in the sun.

A little cat sleeps peacefully on the mattress.

With the increase of donors, Yin Yi established a basement relief donation group and has now expanded to 107 people. Donations are not accepted from the beginning, but only in kind. I will record and take photos and feed back to the group. Donors can also see it at any time.

Yin Yi said that the pictures of cats in the ordinary group always arouse a burst of activity among the cat slaves in the group. People will also gather to discuss some of the trends of stray cat rescue, and some nodes will spontaneously organize activities. On June 18 this year, the catshed received thousands of cans.

Its a very important job to count and record cat supplies sent by caring people from all over the country. When Yin Yi dismantled the express delivery, a kitten came over.

Material is not so scarce, the most scarce is people. Yin Yi said that most of the volunteers who come here from time to time are middle school students who do extracurricular practice or college students who take part in student union activities. There are only three long-term volunteers like him. He also worries that he will be too busy to take into account his own work in the future.

He can only try to keep the agreement with the cats, and use his micro-blog to find more long-term volunteers and dependable adopters. He hoped that one day the stray cats would have a home.

I like this cat best. Its called 11. When I first came here, it was very cold. It took me a year to kiss him. Every morning, he came to hear me call his name. He sat right below and waited for me. Yin Yi picked up a white cat and laughed and said that when there was a place to live after graduation, he would adopt it back home.

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