The arrest of beggar brother involved in the abduction and sale of minors for forced prostitution once provoked the police

 The arrest of beggar brother involved in the abduction and sale of minors for forced prostitution once provoked the police

Today (August 24), Xinjing News reporter learned from Zhuji Public Security Bureau of Zhejiang that Gao Mou, a live Internet red beggar with more than 4 million fans, was suspected of several cases of abduction and trafficking of minors and forced prostitution. He was arrested by police in Guizhou recently.

Zhuji police introduced that beggar brother Gao Mou usually broadcasts live on fast-hand platforms and other platforms. At present, he has more than 4 million fans, known as net black originator and Guangzhou first eldest brother. Gaomou began to play live in 2015. In 2016, Gaomou became popular on the Internet with live video of about and smashing Lamborghini.

Since then, Gaomou has approached unknown girls by using his net red identity after becoming popular on the Internet, and abducted them to Hainan and Jiangxi provinces, suspected of many cases of abduction and trafficking of minors, forced prostitution and other cases, as early as March this year, has been listed as the target of online pursuit by the police.

The net-red fugitive was captured by the police of Zhuji Public Security Bureau in Guizhou Province. Police Map

In June 2018, two vicious mass fights took place in the Datang police station of Zhuji Public Security Bureau. The Municipal Public Security Bureaus anti-gangster office arrested the evil forces mainly in Baimou. When investigating the case, the police found that Baimou was also suspected of abducting and selling women. After the confession of Baimou, Gaomou, a fellow netizen, took him to get started, which brought Gaomous criminal acts to the surface.

In addition, the police also disclosed a detail. On the morning of August 19, the police went to Gaomous house and asked his family to persuade Gaomou to surrender. However, in the afternoon of that day, Gaomou called to provoke the police to say, You cant catch me like that. You cant catch me in my slippers.

At present, Gao Mou was captured by the Zhuji police in Guizhou Province and remanded to Zhuji City. The case is under further investigation.

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