Talent Reserve Activities of China Board Tennis Tour in 2019

 Talent Reserve Activities of China Board Tennis Tour in 2019

This event is a warm-up before the opening of the China Plate Tennis Tour in 2019. It also marks the official start of this years promotion of Chinese Plate Tennis. As soon as the registration information was released on the website of China Tennis Association, it quickly attracted tennis enthusiasts from all over the country.

At the opening ceremony of the event, Liu Xingrun, deputy director of the career development department of China Tennis Association, expressed his sincere hope to the participants and wished the Chinese tennis tournament in 2019 would be better and better with the support of all sectors of society.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Ning Shixin, Shandong Dekang Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd., said that the China Tennis Tour is the highest level national official event created by the China Tennis Association to promote and popularize the board tennis rapidly. Dekang Sports, as the new operator of the event, will be the latest released by the China Tennis Association.u300a The board tennis competition rules are the implementation standard. This year, Chinas board tennis tournament will hold at least three competitions. Compared with last year, it will make more improvements in the scale of the tournament, organization and operation, personnel training and promotion.

After the short opening ceremony, the three-day training activities began. The training invites senior experts of board tennis to preside over the teaching process, and give a comprehensive and systematic explanation and demonstration of the rules and basic techniques and tactics of board tennis.

Successful holding of this talent reserve event will further promote the popularization and development of board tennis in China. It is known that the second talent reserve event is also under planning.

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