Genius Dad invented all kinds of black technology with baby and quintuplets without pressure.

 Genius Dad invented all kinds of black technology with baby and quintuplets without pressure.

Believe that every mother who has given birth to a baby has the same feeling, that is, after giving birth to a baby, her own time will become pitiful, but also face various problems such as body shape, lack of sleep and so on. Of course, if the family is rich and there are many nannies, these are not problems, but if the familys financial conditions are not very good, it can only hope that the husband can help more.

Daddy invented the black technology doll with baby for five twins to drink milk and sit at the table honestly

Chad Kempel, from California, USA, is a model husband who can make money, is willing to take a baby, and has the wisdom of a baby. In 2015, his wife Amy gave birth to a smart daughter for him. The next year, his second daughter was born with two intimate cotton jackets. Chad was already a winner in life.

But such a pleasant day, but last year ushered in an accident, his wife was pregnant again. And God gave them a big surprise that Amy was pregnant with quintuplets this time.

With the birth of quintuplets, Chad has become the grandfather of seven children. At first, Chad was very happy. He took the doll to take pictures and put his favorite basketball uniform on the doll.

Soon, Chad was on the verge of collapse, lacking sleep and exhaustion. Even when his mother came to help him, the three men struggled to cope with seven babies.

After being forced to lose their way by the children, Chad finally offered a big trick: he was a management analyst, combined with his own expertise, skillfully combined the doll with management, developed a set of feeding hackers method, which instantly improved the efficiency of doll taking.

In order to save feeding time, he first bought flexible wire from the supermarket, then hung it over the shaking table, and then tied the bottle at the right height and angle, so that the baby could drink milk by itself, greatly saving feeding time. Later, Chad also evolved and upgraded version 2.0 of self-feeding based on different milk drinking scenarios.

As the babies grow up, they are not willing to stay in their cribs all day long. They like to eat with their parents. So Chad picked up years of design talent, dividing three into five and designing a table that could solve this problem perfectly.

What if seven children go out and seven SUVs are not enough? For this reason, Chad purchased a transport vehicle, dismantled the original seats and facilities, and refitted and adjusted it. Eventually, it was turned into a luxury Jumbo van with a dressing table and a TV set.

I have to say that Chad Kempel is really a dynamic and creative grandfather. And his creations have won the praise of millions of netizens. Many netizens call it a competent grandfather who can give birth to quintuplets! Next, lets take a look at the story of this grandfathers invention.