There are so many beautiful ladies and sisters in such films originated in Japan.

 There are so many beautiful ladies and sisters in such films originated in Japan.

Tiejia Xiaobao policewoman (source:)

This young lady is the policewoman in Tiejia Xiaobao.

Meishu Nagano.

Every time I think of it, I wonder what I was doing when I was a child.

Mingming has such a beautiful young lady.

Why did I only care that this episode of the Kabuda Giant did not appear?

Say to me:

Im sorry you were arrested!

I can only say,

I can!!!!

In retrospect,

In fact, in Tiejia Xiaobao,

The pink Tian Delina of that time was also very cute.

Look at that slender, powerful thigh.


Its a woman who makes sharks and peppers drool!

But you know what?

When Lina took off her leather case,

She became him...

Sorry, let me wash my eyes first...

But its also the norm of Japanese special photography (photography is not color).

The actors wore special leather jackets to play the part in the play.

There are many special films of the same type.

For example, the Ottoman series,

And the Fake Knight Series.

Special films are films that use a lot of special effects.

In the early years, special shooting techniques and props were used to achieve todays CG effect.

It uses realistic props such as miniature models and doll costumes.

Show the rich details of the subject.

By the way,

Godzilla, released in the first half of this year, is also a big IP feature film.

And the earliest Godzilla was like this...

Dont say, its ugly and ugly...

But despite Godzillas ugliness,

People can make Japans first monster feature film.

In 1954, Japans Tohoku Company launched the first monster feature film in Japan, Godzilla.

The technology of leather-case photography is known to the world through this film.

For a long time after that,

Spielberg, Tim Burton and Lucas are all deeply influenced by Japanese special photographs.

And learn to use it.

For example, the Star Wars series of Chubaca.

The technology was invented by Inoue Watanabe.

Through the production of Godzilla and other big movies in the film ranks,

In the TV series, Universal Hero Ottoman was produced and became famous.

It is called the God of special photography by later generations.

After the death of Yuangu Ying II,

The Yuanggu Company continued to produce The Cosmic Hero Otsevin and The Return of Ottoman and so on.

And in order to fight against the giant feature film, which is dominated by Ottoman,

Dongying launched The Masked Knight as human beings and Super Team as a group hero.

The unprecedented richness of feature classification makes it appear in front of Japanese audiences as a brand-new film and television classification.

And continue to grow, and become one of the characteristics of the Japanese film industry.

But now,

Once so brilliant feature films are rapidly becoming the yellow flowers of tomorrow.

CG animation is becoming the mainstream today.

Its hard to see miniature models and costumed actors anymore.

Although we have to say that CG technology is popular,

But Ottoman, Cabuda and so on are still unfinished heroic dreams in each persons childhood.

Maybe I will stay in my childhood forever.

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