Xi Jinpings trip to Gansu, with three key points running through it

 Xi Jinpings trip to Gansu, with three key points running through it

The general secretarys trip to Gansu has a long route, many visiting sites and important and rich speech, which runs through three key points.

Constantly Firm Cultural Confidence

Culture is the root of a country and the soul of a nation. During the investigation, General Secretary Xi Jinping paid special attention to culture.

The splendid traditional culture is the common spiritual gene of Chinese children at home and abroad, and is an important source of our national self-confidence.

On the afternoon of the 19th, Xi Jinping came to the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang to learn about the protection and research of the Mogao Grottoes. He went into the grottoes to inspect the painted sculptures and murals with a long history. He also held talks with relevant experts, scholars and representatives of cultural units. He emphasized that if we want to create a new splendor of Chinese culture, we need to carry out cultural exchanges with other countries more broadly with a broader mind and learn from all the outstanding achievements of world civilization more actively. To study and carry forward Dunhuang culture, we should not only dig deeply into the philosophical thought, humanistic spirit, value concept and moral norms contained in Dunhuang culture and historical relics, but also reveal the cultural spirit and cultural mind of the Chinese nation, and constantly strengthen cultural self-confidence. We should strengthen support and support for the heritage of the quintessence of the Chinese nation and the protection of intangible cultural heritage, strengthen the study of the history and culture of ethnic minorities, and strengthen the consciousness of the Chinese nation community.

The Great Wall, the Yangtze River and the Yellow River are all the representative symbols of the Chinese nation and the important symbols of Chinese civilization, as well as the important symbols of the spirit of the Chinese nation.

On the morning of the 20th, Xi Jinping came to Jiayuguan City to inspect the passes, the layout of buildings and the situation of mountains and rivers, and to hear about the protection of the Great Walls cultural relics and the promotion of its historical and cultural heritage. Xi Jinping emphasized that the Great Wall embodies the Chinese nations spirit of striving for self-improvement and the patriotism of building a city with all aspirations and perseverance. He also said that we must attach importance to the protection and inheritance of history and culture and protect the endless roots of the Chinese nations spirit.

The distinct revolutionary spirit and revolutionary culture nurtured in the revolutionary era also accumulated the deepest spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation, representing the unique spiritual symbol of the Chinese nation.

On the 20th, Xi Jinping came to Gaotai County, Zhangye City, and visited the Memorial Hall of the West Route Army of the Chinese Workersand Peasants Red Army. He emphasized that it is not easy for us to have a deep understanding of the red regime, the new China and the socialism with Chinese characteristics. The heroic spirit of the Western Route Army, fearless of hardships and bloody struggle, the spirit of the Partys heroic devotion to the people and the spirit of the Long March, are an important part of the Red Gene of the Communist Party of China and the precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation. Xi Jinping said that we should tell the story of the Party, the story of the Red Army, the story of the West Route Army and the red gene.

Let green waters and green mountains always exist

Green is an important part of the new development concept. China has entered a stage of high-quality development, and the supporting role of the ecological environment is becoming more and more important.

Gansu is an important water conservation and recharge area in the Yellow River Basin, and Qilian Mountain is an important ecological security barrier in the western part of the country. For Gansu, it is particularly important to promote high-quality development and strengthen the protection of ecological environment. We must firmly establish the concept of green development.

For a long time, the problem of local ecological damage in Qilian Mountains was very prominent. Permafrost peeling, rubble, sparse vegetation, years of cumulative over-exploitation bring serious consequences. Xi Jinping made important instructions on many occasions, demanding that outstanding problems be solved, that environmental violations be rectified, and that environmental protection and restoration be promoted in Qilian Mountains.

After on-the-spot inspection, Xi Jinping said that in recent years, the ecological protection of the Qilian Mountains has changed from chaos to governance, and achieved great results. Protecting the ecological environment of Qilian Mountains is of great strategic significance for protecting national ecological security and promoting the sustainable development of Gansu and Hexi Corridor.

Xi Jinping said emphatically that when we reach this stage, we should not step on the watermelon skin and slide down, but continue to climb the slope and cross the ridge to achieve high-quality development, so that the green mountains and mountains can become Jinshan and Yinshan.

On the 21st, Xi Jinping visited Fumin New Village, Huanghuatan Ecological Immigration Area, Gulang County, Wuwei City, and Lanzhou Lantie Pumping Station for Yellow River Governance. At Babu Shalin Farm, Xi Jinping picked up the furrow plough and worked with the staff of the forest farm. Xi Jinping told them that the heroic deeds of the Six Old Men in Babu Shalin Farm had been well known. The new era needs more contemporary fools and models like the Six Old Men. We should carry forward the spirit of Six Old Men who dare not bow their heads in the face of difficulties and turn desert into an oasis, encourage people to devote themselves to the construction of ecological civilization, make sustained efforts and make long-term contributions, and strive for the construction of a beautiful China.

He repeatedly emphasized the importance of ecological environment protection for high-quality development.

On the afternoon of the 22nd, Xi Jinping also stressed the need to strengthen the protection of the ecological environment, properly handle the relationship between development and protection, speed up the development of ecological industries and build a national ecological security barrier in the western part of the country when he heard the report on the work of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government. Together, we will do a good job of protection, coordinate efforts to promote governance, promote the high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin, and make the Yellow River a happy river for the benefit of the people.

Resolutely conquer the last fortress of poverty

Gansu is one of the provinces with the most arduous task of fighting poverty. The improvement of the peoples lives of all ethnic groups in Gansu has always concerned Xi Jinping. In February 2013, he braved the cold to visit the poor people in Dingxi and Linxia. This year, he came to the Gansu delegation of the National Peoples Congress to discuss with the delegates the strategy of fighting poverty.

In the southern mountainous area of Gulang, there is a problem that one side of the soil and water can not support one side of the people. Local people have been relocated to other places. More than 60,000 poor people in the mountainous areas have moved into new houses. Through the development of cattle and sheep farming and vegetable cultivation, they are gradually getting rid of poverty.

Xi Jinping emphasized that all the Partys work is for the interests of the people, and making the people happy is the cause of the Party. It is the first step for the poor villagers to get rid of poverty. Next, we should ensure that the villagers can get rid of poverty steadily. Poverty Alleviation Policies and poverty alleviation teams should be maintained for a period of time. We should find ways and means to develop industries and expand the collective economy so as to enable the people who have moved to other places to stay, have employment and have income, and the better their lives will be.

Urban peoples livelihood work is also a matter of great concern to Xi Jinping. During his visit to Lanzhou, Xi Jinping emphasized that cities are peoples and that urban construction should adhere to the people-centered development concept so as to make the people live happier. Gold cups and silver cups are not as popular as the people. It is really good for the people to say good.

In his investigation, Xi Jinping stressed that peoples livelihood should be guaranteed and improved, that priority should be given to public service projects, that problems such as the peoples strong reflection of difficulties in going to school, seeing doctors and traveling on roads should be solved, that people affected by disasters and those in urban and rural areas should be cared for and cared for, that the work of building national unity and progress should be further promoted, and that conflicts and disputes should be arranged in depth. To investigate and resolve the work and maintain social harmony and stability.

These important instructions made by the General Secretary during the Gansu inspection are of vital importance to the overall situation and the future.