Responding to Pompeos remarks, the Chinese Embassy in Canada once again urged the release of Mengs late boat

 Responding to Pompeos remarks, the Chinese Embassy in Canada once again urged the release of Mengs late boat

A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Canada responded that the nature of the case of Bangladeshs late boat incident was of course completely different from that of two Canadian citizens. The Meng Late Boat Incident was not a simple judicial case, but a case in which the United States used its national power to suppress a Chinese private high-tech enterprise with its individual allies on unnecessary charges. This is typical bullying.

The spokesman pointed out that two Canadian citizens, Cummingkai and Michael, were arrested in accordance with the law on suspicion of endangering Chinas national security. China reiterates once again that China is a country ruled by law and that its judicial organs handle cases independently according to law. Any country should respect Chinas judicial sovereignty, and should not make any comments on matters within the scope of Chinas judicial sovereignty.

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Canadian Court released the picture of Mengs arrest: being searched and interrogated by Customs for 3 hours (source: Netease Technology Channel)

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541