Millions of fans of Beggars were arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and selling minors and other crimes

 Millions of fans of Beggars were arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and selling minors and other crimes

It goes back to June 2018. At that time, two vicious mass fights took place in the area under the jurisdiction of the Datang Police Station. The anti-gangster Office of Guizhou Public Security Bureau has arrested the gangster forces mainly in Baimou. When investigating the case, the police found that Baimou was also suspected of abducting and selling women. After the explanation of Baimou, Gaomou, a fellow countryman, took him to get started. He also mentioned that Gao Mou is now a good mixer, is a net red.

In March this year, Zhuji police listed Gao Mou as the target of online escape.

While on the run, the high-profile live broadcaster was found hiding in his hometown (Tuyuan: Beiqing Daily)

In the process of being wanted, Gao Mou still broadcasts live on the platform. After learning that Gao was a fugitive, the live broadcasting platform contacted Zhuji police for the first time to assist in the arrest.

Gaomou, who does not change his high-profile style, eventually exposed his whereabouts. On August 4, Gaos son was born. He posted two videos on Weibo. The police repeatedly watched the video and found that the quilt on the childs body had the words Rongjiang County Womens Hospital. In the video, Gaomou was overgrown with weeds. The police judged that Gaomou might be in his hometown in Guizhou. Zhuji police immediately rushed to Bakai Town, Rongjiang County, Guizhou Province.

The stretching mountains provide an excellent hiding environment for suspects. However, after several days and nights of patrol visits, the police finally got a clue to Gao Mous whereabouts - recently he appeared in the stone frog breeding base of Dangyang Village, Bakai Town. Early on the morning of August 19, more than a dozen police officers with two police dogs drove to the stone frog breeding base.

Fortunately escaped the phone to provoke the police to release smoke bombs and capture it.

After descending from the mountain, the police came to Gaomous home to communicate with his wife and parents, and hoped that they could persuade Gaomou to surrender voluntarily.

You cant catch me like that! You cant catch me in my slippers! That afternoon, the police accidentally received a call from Gao Mou. Gao in the phone was complacent about his lucky escape and claimed to surrender as soon as his sons full moon wine was over.

It seems that today we can only go back in vain, and then we will catch you again. Faced with the arrogant and slippery suspect, in order to relax his vigilance, the police chose to release smoke bombs.

Sure enough, Gao appeared at home that night. In the dark corner not far from the door, police who had squatted for two or three hours rushed in immediately after confirming that Gao was at home. The moment I saw the policemen, Gao Mou was stunned at first, then turned around and wanted to flee to the second floor. The policemen pressed it on the ground.

In the early morning of August 20, police escorted Gao Mou back to Zhuji overnight. At present, the case is being further investigated.

Source: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541, responsible editor of Beijing Youth Daily