Cadillac car owners fracture caused by braking stick hitting electric vehicle

 Cadillac car owners fracture caused by braking stick hitting electric vehicle

Recently, a traffic accident happened in Qujiang, Xian, Shaanxi Province. An electric car and a white Cadillac car ran into each other. After getting off the car, the owner of the Cadillac car beat the owner of the electric car Wang Mou with a baseball bat, causing his left hand fracture, head and body multiple injuries. On August 24, Red Star journalists learned from Qujiang Police Station that the incident had been filed and the specific situation was under investigation.

_Accident scene

At 2:30 p.m. on August 20, Wang Mou, riding an electric bicycle, was driving to the south entrance of Qujiang River when he rubbed against a white Cadillac car, causing Wang Mous feet to be bruised and sat on the ground. Wang Mous mother told the Red Star News reporter that Wang Mou had no quarrel with him at that time, did not say something like losing money or going to the hospital. My son had a sore foot and wanted to sit on the ground slowly. He (Cadillac owner) let my son sit back on the electric car. My son thought he was kind and who could have expected him to turn back. Drive over and hit my son again. Wang Mou, who was sitting on an electric car, was unprepared and hit the sidewalk. But who ever thought, the Cadillac owner then took out his baseball bat from the trunk and chased Wang Mou.

_Wang Mou after being beaten

The Red Star journalist saw from the video taken by passers-by that a tall man with glasses was holding a baseball bat beside the road. Wang, opposite him, had no shoes on one foot and was limping a little. After they didnt know what to say, the man with glasses grasped the baseball bat in both hands and waved it to Wang Mou.

_Foot bumped

When he (Cadillac owner) came to my son with a baseball bat, my son asked him what he was going to do, and he said,Youre going to kill me if I cant hit you, anyway, its the same compensation. Wang Mous mother said that Wang Mous feet could not walk fast after being hit, so he had to protect his head with both hands, the other party had been beating, finally Wang Mou was beaten head, nose are all blood, hands, back are all bruised.

_Wang Mou who was admitted to hospital for treatment

Reporters from the Ninth Hospital of Xian issued a diagnosis of Wangs left ulna fracture, scalp rubbing laceration, multiple soft tissue abrasions throughout the body. On the morning of August 23, Wang Mou finished the operation in the hospital and is now actively cooperating with the treatment. Wang Mous mother said that from the hospital to now, the family of Cadillac owner has not come to visit, the identity of the other party is not clear.

_Hospital Diagnosis Letter

This is a terrible thing. We only ask that the perpetrator be punished according to law. The reporter learned from Wangs mother that on August 23, family members had received a notice of filing from Yanta Branch of Xian Public Security Bureau, which said that the case of Wangs intentional injury had constituted a criminal case and would be filed for investigation. Red Star journalists learned from Qujiang police station that the incident has been filed and the specific situation is under investigation.

_Police Notice of Filing a Case

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