President of Video Tremolo: The number of live short video users in China will reach 1 billion next year

 President of Video Tremolo: The number of live short video users in China will reach 1 billion next year

Pengchao journalist Chen Yuxi

How much room is there for short videos?

On August 24, at the conference of dither creators, Zhang Nan, president of dither, said in his speech, I dare to guess that by 2020, including dither, fast hand and other short video products, the total number of short video products in China will reach 1 billion DAUs (active users per day).

What is the concept of a billion DAUs? Almost equal to the daily users of Wechat today. Zhang Nan said.

The latest figures released in July show that the DAU of tremolo has reached 320 million. In May 2019, Fast Hand disclosed that Fast Hand Daily Active Users (DAUs) exceeded 200 million and hoped to reach 300 million by the Spring Festival of 2020.

In order to achieve the goal of daily growth and further promote commercialization, Tremolo also announced the launch of the Creator Growth Plan, which will help 10 million creators make money on tremolo in the coming year by optimizing traffic support, providing more creative tools and better service backstage.

Zhang Nan reviewed the process of the birth of tremolo. In 2014, the company (referring to byte beating, the parent company of todays headlines, tremolo and other products) began to discuss making short videos. At that time, the whole Zhichun Road and the subway in Beijing were all advertisements for micro-vision. Microblog launched second shots. By the end of the year, there were hundreds of thousands of DAUs in Mei-pai. We think we may have missed that opportunity.

In 2015, Zhang Yiming took his team to Okinawa for an annual meeting and chatted about a short video, You still have a feeling that the market space should be very large. By the beginning of 2016, we re-discussed the direction of short video in the company, and felt that we could not give up. Then we had the trembler product. After 17 months on the line, DAU broke through 100 million.

In her speech, Zhang Nan also revealed several functions of tremolo which will be launched in the future. One is aggregation, which allows the creator to place the relevant videos in an aggregation in a structured and orderly manner. This function will first be open to educational creators. Secondly, the video time limit of 15 minutes will be opened soon. Third, we should continue to improve the live broadcast function of tremolo and enhance the direct interaction between creators and fans.

Previously, tremolo has been tested on a small scale for 15 minutes of video.

Chi Ying, general manager of the tremolo marketing department, also said that a growth plan for tremolo creators would be launched with the aim of enabling 10 million future creators to earn income. For this reason, tremolo will act on traffic, scenes and services. First, pay more attention to the proportion of local traffic, professional creators will be able to get more traffic from fans and cities in the future. The second is to improve the creator service center in the tremolo and launch the tremolo creation institute. In addition to teaching how to create, it will also carry out policy announcements, product function interpretation and so on. In addition, tremolo will upgrade live broadcasting, star map, content shopping guide and other content cash products.

The following is the full text of Zhang Nans speech:

Hello, everyone. This is Zhang Nan. Today, I am very grateful and excited to see so many creators, media teachers and experts come to the scene. Everyone who knows my friends knows for sure that I am a product manager, so I am not good at speaking, and I am not good at such occasions.

But today I see so many people, especially today is the first time that tremolo organizes a creator conference, so I would like to take this opportunity to talk with you about tremolo, some discussions about short videos and even controversies in the industry.

1. At first, everyone thought the short video was too small.

As you all know, byte bouncing is a technology company that distributes information. We are very concerned about the development of technology, from the arrival of the mobile era and the popularity of large-screen mobile phones, our company has been very concerned about the direction of short video. We think that mobile video should be a very big opportunity, which may bring great changes to information dissemination.

Very big, but how big? Looking back now, everyone, including ourselves, may have greatly underestimated the possibility of short videos. I remember that it was 2014, when the company met to discuss that we were going to make short videos. At that time, the whole Zhichun Road subway was full of micro-TV advertisements. At that time, the product launched by micro-blog was called second beat. We were a little hesitant. Do we do or not? But by the end of the year, there were hundreds of thousands of DAUs in American photography. At that time, we felt that we might have missed this opportunity.

By 2015, Yiming took the whole team of our company to Okinawa for the annual meeting. After the annual meeting, more than a dozen of us came to the Liquor House and chatted about the short video. Im very impressed. Why? Because we had more than a dozen people, we ordered two plates of sushi. At that time, we sat around the table to discuss whether short videos, especially UGC short videos, should be done or not. At that time, I used an iPhone 6 plus, which was the first time that Apple had launched a 5-inch large-screen phone. You still have a feeling that this market space should be very large, but for various reasons, we did not start short video project at that time.

Until the beginning of 16 years, we re-discussed short videos and felt that we could not give up. This may be an opportunity to bring a lot of changes to the world, and we should try. Later, as everyone knows, there is tremolo.

After 17 months of tremolo on line, DAU broke through 100 million, which should be the fastest growing product of China Mobile Internet after Wechat. Just last month, we also released the latest user data of tremolo, DAU over 320 million, and we found that this data is still growing in the background, without any slowdown at all.

So I personally think that by 2020, including tremolo, fast hand and other short video products, the whole short video will reach 1 billion DAUs in China alone. What is the concept of a billion DAUs? Its almost the same as Wechats live subscribers today.

In fact, I believe that even without mentioning these figures, you can feel the changes that short videos have brought to the world.

We used to travel, everyone would say take a picture, now everyone would say take a short video, take a tremble bar. When I went abroad, I found that many museums and scenic spots can scan the cultural relics information commentary directly watching the short video. Some places can even browse through the museums collections with short videos from mobile phones.

If you use Taobao or Metro to comment in China, you will also find that short videos have become the basic form of display of goods and food. I remember Taobao once thought that in the future, maybe 90% of Taobaos content is presented by video. Even Wechat, our most important communication tool, has released the restrictions on fast-hand and micro-vision this year, even in public numbers, viewing, including the circle of friends, especially for short videos.

It can be said that all walks of life are evolving in the direction of short video. To our delight, tremolo is loved by many users, sometimes even synonymous with short videos. Many people now shoot short videos and say, Come on, shoot a tremble.

2. There are many misunderstandings about the beauty of tremolo.

As short videos increasingly enter the lives of ordinary people, the public and the media begin to care about the value orientation of short videos. In fact, for tremolo, we always have a very clear value orientation for products and content, that is beautiful.

At the end of 2017, tremolo grew rapidly, from a product of small crowds and trendy people to a platform for ordinary people to record their lives. We found that many people recorded their happy and simple moments of life on the tremble. I think, in summary, this is actually record a good life, and this sentence is particularly in line with our original intention, so it became our slogan in 2018, which is also our expression of the value of the platform.

However, later we found that many people misunderstood the meaning of good, or were deliberately misled.

Last year, a colleague once mentioned that life itself is not good, most products just use various filters to routine users, to deceive users. Others asked, which one would you choose, the defective truth or the false beauty? In fact, these statements, I think, are deliberately opposed to the good and the true.

I dont agree with that. I think its a routine. In my opinion, in fact, beauty and truth do not conflict. Truth is the judgment of fact, while beauty is the judgment of value, which is a kind of value proposition. I remember that I once brushed a video on tremolo. A 69-year-old disabled man was trying to climb Mount Everest. His legs were prosthetic. But when I watched the video, I felt the power coming from my face. I thought it was beautiful.

I have always felt that good things must be pluralistic. Natural beauty, defective reality is beautiful, positive progress is beautiful, and a life of ease with circumstances is also beautiful. Of course, I also admit that life is not beautiful everywhere, but sometimes life is difficult, it is even more beautiful and precious.

Life is a prism with a thousand facets. We hope you can see the facets of courage and optimism in the tremble. Pessimism has its unique aesthetic value, but as a platform affecting hundreds of millions of users, tremolo selection is optimistic.

3. Not everything is worth seeing and should be seen by everyone.

In addition to good and true on the factual level, I would like to say a few more words.

In mid-2017, a group of teenage mothers began to appear on some short video platforms. Tremolo is also concerned about, at that time, we felt that although this is an objective phenomenon, it is not appropriate to rely on the identity of minor mothers to attract traffic and trigger other minors to imitate. So at that time, we unified standards to limit such content uploaded to tremble.

Of course, not only minor BMW, there are many similar content, such as fortune telling, geomantic omen and so on. Although these phenomena exist objectively, and the content is very eye-catching, tremolo has been strictly restricted. Overall, I really dont think that everything is worth or should be seen by everyone. The pursuit of authenticity is of course valuable, but it should not be an excuse for platforms to avoid content management.

4. Pursuing to Bring Value to Users, Creators, Society and Human Civilization

After that, I would like to talk to you about my own thoughts on the value of short videos and tremolo. The outbreak of short videos is actually a matter of the past year. There are some controversies and voices around short videos and tremolo. Such as fragmentation, meaninglessness, addiction, underage and so on.

I think there is a misunderstanding here. Just like the contradiction between truth and beauty, short content does not mean worthless and meaningless. In fact, the length is only a form. Whether it is valuable or not depends on what content is contained in the video. In fact, short content is the most important part of human culture.

Compared with the Book of Songs, the five-character quintessence is short content; compared with A Dream of Red Mansions, Liaozhai is short content; compared with symphony, Jay Chou and Lin Xi are short content. Therefore, from the perspective of information dissemination and knowledge dissemination, long has long value, short has short benefits. I think it is misunderstanding and prejudice to regard short content as fragmented and meaningless content.

Of course, some of the social concerns are justified, and we are also exploring improvements. Last year, we were the first in the industry to launch a minor protection system, and tremolo is still open for 1 to 15 minutes of video rights, to help people better express. Of course, not enough has been done, and there is still a lot of work to be done to improve.

On the other hand, short video is really a new thing, we are also thinking, what is the value of short video? I dont know if you know that the English word Video in the video comes from Latin, whose Latin etymology corresponds to the meaning of I see in Chinese.

This Latin etymology is a good summary of my own thoughts about tremolo and short videos. Tremolo is actually a tool, it is a tool to help users transmit information. Short video and tremble bring about a significant reduction in the threshold of video creation and distribution, a faster flow and connection of information, and a universal value of information.

Based on this, tremolo will be better to improve the product in the future. I hope that tremolo will ultimately embody its value in four dimensions:

Create value for users

First, of course, the user dimension, because users are always our first pursuit. For users, short video is first of all the value of recording and expressing. Video content spans time and space and connects people together.

Secondly, users can also get valuable information by dithering. Nowadays, more and more knowledge information begins to appear on tremolo, whether it is knowledge of life or some professional knowledge of popular science. In the previous paragraph, I brushed Professor Yi Zhongtians short video on tremolo. He popularized a lot of historical and cultural knowledge to me.

You should know that Professor Yi Zhongtian used to be in a hundred forums, but now he is trembling. What changes is the platform and what does not change is knowledge. Tremolo will also support and strengthen knowledge content in the future. Recently, we are preparing a new function, the creator can publish the relevant video in a structured, sequential way under the same aggregation, users can enter the aggregation through interested videos, thus systematically viewing the relevant content. We will take the lead in opening this function to the creators of educational content, because knowledge-based information actually requires the highest dissemination, and we hope to do a good job of this function.

At the same time, tremolo always brings happiness to everyone in life. I remember one time when I took a taxi home and chatted with the driver about the tremble. The driver told me that the tremble felt so good that it brought joy to the people of the whole country. Although this is only a very common sentence, but I was particularly touched at that time, because it made me feel that our work is valuable.

Providing continuous value for professional creators

Today is the first creative conference of tremolo. I want to say that all the creators present here are the protagonists of tremolo. The tremolo is wonderful because of you. Therefore, how to provide better service to the creators and all of you here is an important dimension of tremolo value.

Not long ago, my colleague told me that there was an account on the trembler called Wen Shus umbrella. Just now, there was Wen Shus speech in the video. He was a non-hereditary successor. He attracted customers by short videos. His monthly sales of oil-paper umbrellas had exceeded 100,000 yuan.

I dont know if you have ever seen an oil-paper umbrella, or have you ever used an oil-paper umbrella? In fact, the oil-paper umbrella is very beautiful, before the tremble appears, Wen Shu may have difficulty in having a suitable platform to show ordinary people the unfinished beauty. But short video is naturally suitable for carrying such content.

Our platform is to provide such creators with richer creative tools, more accurate content distribution and better means of realization. I think thats the value of tremolo platform and short video. Later, some of my colleagues will talk to you about our services to the creators.

Create value for society

Further, we hope that tremolo will continue to create value for society. Last April, I went to Xian for the first time. At that time, because of the crisp brush, terracotta warriors and horses, wrestling bowls of wine and other urban cultural characteristics, the city of Xian became popular on the tremble and became a net red city on the tremble. And local friends told me that during the Qingming holidays, the number of tourists in Xian increased by 40% compared with the same period last year.

In fact, in the past, the text and travel information was more spread by pictures, television and movies. But graphics and text are not as intuitive as video, and the threshold of TV and film is too high. Just like Cao Duns Changan Twelve Hours, which invested hundreds of millions of dollars and took more than 200 days, it also brought fire to Xian. Teleplays are very good, but for most places, they are hard to come by.

At that time, we judged that the popularization of tremolo and short videos was greatly lowering the transmission threshold of natural and human scenery, which would bring new opportunities for urban promotion and poverty alleviation by cultural tourism.

In fact, in the past year, not only Xian, Chongqing, Nanjing and other cities have become popular in tremolo because of their local characteristics, and they have become net red cities. Many poverty-stricken areas, such as Daocheng in Sichuan, Libo in Guizhou and Luanchuan in Henan, are also becoming popular in shaking tones. Later, we launched the activity of All the mountains are good scenery to help poor areas promote tourism industry. Nowadays, tremolo has become a good platform to show the beautiful scenery and local customs of our hometown.

I think these are the social values that tremolo pursues.

Creating Value for Human Civilization

Finally, if we do the ultimate thing of using video as a universal information benefit.

I have fantasized about such a scene countless times, and I hope to share it with you. As you can imagine, in this city of Shanghai, even in this building, in this room, after 100 years, what will happen? Maybe it will become an exhibition room of the History Museum. In the place where you are sitting, there are a lot of lovely children sitting on the ground, while in the air, they will pass through, for example. Say image projection, projecting short videos one by one, like a starry sky, blinking constantly, as the teacher keeps pulling closer and flipping through these videos, children follow these short videos laughing, sad, jumping and even meditating...

Yes, this may be a hundred years later, an ordinary day can not be in the ordinary, they may be watching the short videos that your creators shot decades ago, a hundred years ago, these videos may have daily life records, but also some professional teaching content. At that time, the tremble may still be there, or it may have disappeared. But every video left by every user on the tremble will become the basis of history, and eventually will be integrated into the Video Edition Encyclopedia of human civilization. I think this is probably the greatest significance of the existence of tremolo and short video. In the end, I want to return to the theme shared today - the beauty and value of tremolo. It is hoped that all content creators of tremolo will continue to create more valuable content in the future. Beauty is value. Thank you! Source: Wang Fengzhi _NT2541

Yes, this may be a hundred years later, an ordinary day can not be in the ordinary, they may be watching the short videos that your creators shot decades ago, a hundred years ago, these videos may have daily life records, but also some professional teaching content.

At that time, the tremble may still be there, or it may have disappeared. But every video left by every user on the tremble will become the basis of history, and eventually will be integrated into the Video Edition Encyclopedia of human civilization. I think this is probably the greatest significance of the existence of tremolo and short video.

In the end, I want to return to the theme shared today - the beauty and value of tremolo. It is hoped that all content creators of tremolo will continue to create more valuable content in the future.

Beauty is value. Thank you!