After being criticized and hyped for suspension, Reiza exposed herself to severe depression: Born to be a human being, please be merciful.

 After being criticized and hyped for suspension, Reiza exposed herself to severe depression: Born to be a human being, please be merciful.

She also exposed herself to severe depression and anxiety in the commentary area, and is still taking medication. And claimed that if there are netizens in the same situation, they are also willing to help answer.

Between the lines, you can feel her love for life and kindness to the world.

Theres nothing to say about love. Its normal for a 86-year-old girl to fall in love, except for blessings.

And her sling incident is really a bit loud.

Because its really simple, she was photographed wearing a tight + low-breasted suspender at the airport, but the result was that everyone burst into a frying pan.

Some people mocked her for being fat; some people thought that dressing was too revealing; others thought that how people want to dress is a matter of others. For a time, freedom of girls to dress became a hot topic.

But what I admire and care more about than her figure is her courage.

Its really hard for some girls to wear a sling skirt when they go out.

Consider not only whether your arms look too thick, but also whether others feel too exposed and casual.

A small sling can tangle people to death.

But for Reiza, its not courage at all. Its just wearing a dress.

Her facial expressions and movements are natural, but her face is not even lipstick painted, a relaxed, casual and calm.

She acted as if she had responded in her microblog:

I really want to clap my hands for this girl at this moment.

And then the heat and attention, she did not enjoy, nor happy, even bluntly said, If it was not for acting skills to go to the hot search, for an actor, what is happy?

So confident and so sober. For the first time outside of my role, I was curious about Reiza.

I didnt expect to take a closer look. She is really a treasure girl.

Although Reiza is a Kazakh, his parents came to Beijing from Xinjiang to study early and then worked in a publishing house.

So when she grew up in Beijing, she could be seen in the crowd at a glance.

Photo Source: Mans Cave

Who doesnt want to be popular in the entertainment industry?

Rezai wakes up early and knows himself.

When interviewed, she said: I think I am a relatively defective person, I can not be the kind of person loved by millions of people.

From her childhood teachers comments on her will always have a sentence: you cant be strict with yourself.

In life, she approximates tolerance and indulgence to herself. She lets herself be herself and is free to wander.

She did not force herself to become a perfect star. She chose to keep imperfect herself out of the camera.

It seemed to be a peaceful self-acceptance and reconciliation. In fact, she put all her vanity and ambition into acting.

After she was admitted to Beijing Film Academy, she was not favored by her teachers because of the limitations of her appearance.

At that time, she was very sad to death, but she still said to her teacher like a person who was okay: Lets see it in ten years.

As a result, ten years later, she played the role of Ning Guiren in Zhenqiao Biography. She impressed people by portraying and deducing Ning Guirens heroism, daring to love, daring to hate.

But when I read the script, I found that there was a scene that required her to take off her jacket and expose her abdominal muscles. Without saying anything, she began to control her diet and exercise every day. She really trained her abdominal muscles.

Although this shot was deleted at last, all the efforts seemed to be in vain. But she said, Thats what acting is like. You can deceive everyone, but you cant deceive yourself.

In her eyes, many seemingly complex things are actually as simple as that.

When an actor is her passion, she comes to act. All her ambitions are to do well in acting and acting. Of course, its best to win a prize.

As for the red, fire, liked or hated, she is not only meaningless, but also not demanding.

She is like a wild horse, free and free, running with the nature.

In the last 10 years after the production of Zhenwei Biography, she has played different roles, big and small, and finally ushered in the role of sandalwood chess in Changan Twelve Hours, which also makes the audiences understanding of her no longer just a person of peace and honor.

But when the crew first found her playing sandalwood, she felt she couldnt play it.

In her opinion, sandalwood chess is too beautiful. Her restraint, judgment and way of doing things are very difficult for her to interpret.

But this unknown challenge also completely inspired her as an actress.

She began to compete and spent a whole year preparing for the role of sandalwood chess. She read a lot of materials and books about the Tang Dynasty, kept going to various exhibitions in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and read the original novel twice.

Even overcome the original fear, dedicated six months to learn to ride.

Unexpectedly, even after twelve points of preparation, when she really started shooting, she was constantly denying herself.

Faced with the professional team, the dedication of all actors, Reiza gave herself enormous pressure, she can not live up to such a good role, every play she wants to be able to perform to the extreme.

When she was not satisfied with her performance, she would run to the corner to cry and continue shooting after crying.

Nevertheless, there was a voice in her heart that kept asking herself: Did I fail the role?

This kind of self-imposed high demand, she only put on the performance.

It doesnt matter how she looks at acting in another way. Its the best way to stay with acting.

Until the character came out, we saw her play Sandalwood.

From an ordinary maidservant to an ultimate important role, although she is a woman, but she cherishes the world, a thousand pounds of affection and justice, met Zhang Xiaojing, her heart inadvertently began to melt, a apprenticeship was called out by her a thousand turns.

Faced with everyones recognition of the role, she finally reassured herself.

But compared with the fire dance and the stunning Tang costume style, which everybody likes to talk about, what she remembers most is the scene in which Sandalwood chess was sealed up. At that moment, she felt that she was Sandalwood chess. She could see life and death, and she wanted to live.

For acting, she always has her own ideas and perspectives.

She does not follow the trend, nor blindly, has a unique and unrestrained.

Some people questioned that the suspension of her airport was an eye-catching hype, but only after looking at her life photos did they know that it was just her usual style.

Her dress reveals health and self-confidence. She is not ashamed to show her body, but to blossom, with a natural, unbridled beauty.

This year, she is 33 years old and seems to have always been a natural enemy of women.

For her, it is better to please herself than to please others.

She will say on Weibo: Girl, Kejingmei, Kejingmei, Kejingmei, who likes to say? Just go ahead.

How many girls in life are lacking this energy, and in the entertainment circle where every move will be magnified, it is very rare for Reiza to retain this energy.

The reason is that she didnt have the luxury of becoming an idol, but just wanted to be an actor.

In her heart, an actor must have a sense of mystery. She doesnt want to be the brightest one in the crowd all the time. In her life, she just wants to be herself.

What clothes to wear and what to say is just her loyalty to her inner choice, not bound by the burden of idols, as long as I like is better than anything.

She is very ordinary, and now her life has made her feel happy: her parents are healthy, she can play with friends until two oclock in the morning, there is a brother, three cats, a not fat, not thin body, and a sound soul, family happy together.

All this is just right.

And she also had a little vanity and expectation, that is, the audience said from the heart: she acted really well.

Thats all she wants.

If one day she is pushed to the hot search again, hope is not because of love, nor because of the sling, but just because of her performance, her play, this is the greatest praise for an actor.