Why do parents interfere in your marriage? Two basic reasons, reality and heart

 Why do parents interfere in your marriage? Two basic reasons, reality and heart

The more you oppose, the more you want to resist, the more you feel that your parents are unreasonable, that they are arbitrary, and even hate them.

In fact, many times, parents are right to oppose, maybe they see more details than you do, and see that the other party is unreliable. Or maybe their experience shows that your choice is wrong.

Of course, there are many parents who feel that marriage can not only rely on love, so as long as the conditions are not good, they will not agree, so you think they are snobbish, realistic and like money.

In fact, no matter what kind of objection, it is not the key point. The key point is, why do they interfere in and oppose your marriage?

Xiao Li, a netizen, said that she had talked about a boyfriend from another place and wanted to marry him. Although his family was in a normal condition, the two people were in a good relationship. The parents objected, probably because they were only children and did not want her to marry far away.

After asking, I found that Xiaoli had no job. The job of her boyfriend from another place was temporary, and it was the kind that would change at any time.

Both of them belong to the kind of economic independence, and Xiao Li was spoiled by her parents since childhood. She cant do housework, cook and learn well. She cant do anything at all.

When you are with your boyfriend, you dont cook, you only eat takeaway, so even if you get a little salary, you wont be able to live with them.

In such a situation, parentsopposition to their marriage is a particularly normal psychological and reaction.

Regardless of the mans condition, Xiaolis own situation, her parents are not confident that she will choose her own marriage partner. After all, it is a lifelong event.

Because she is not financially independent, life is not independent, take care of themselves, choose the object they do not trust is one thing, so far away from home is also a problem.

The point is that parents will not give Xiaoli the chance to make her own decisions at all, because her performance, can not let her parents rest assured to make her own decisions.

This is why many parents interfere in the marriage of their children.

First, the children themselves are not financially independent and depend on their parents, so they have relatively no voice.

Second, the children themselves are not independent, and their parents do not trust them at all. Because it can be seen that when they live alone, they do not have a very good life.

Therefore, if you are an economically independent, talented, skilled, or have a good job, a good career, a stable income and a savings person, parents will be relatively reassured, but also more trusted in your choices and decisions.

At the same time, if you are alone, you can live well, take good care of yourself, cook well, protect yourself, have good health, good habits, and they will rest assured.

On the contrary, you cant do anything, you cant do anything well, you cant do anything well, you have no ability, you dont have a good mentality, youre emotionally unstable, you have a bad temper and so on. Where can they rest assured that you can choose your own partner and get married?

The meaning of marriage, originally should also let you live better than a person, if not to achieve this condition, it is better than a person.

But when youre alone, its risky and unrealistic to expect marriage to change your life.

When you are alone, you can also be in a good mood, a good mentality, calm and calm, mature and stable in economic and spiritual aspects, so you will be relatively mature in choosing the target.

Only in this way can you be trusted by your parents, relatives and friends, and they can rest assured that they will not interfere in your decision.

Understanding this, you should understand why your parents always interfere with you. Maybe you dont live well enough by yourself, so they dont trust you at all before they participate in your life and decisions.

So what you have to do is not fight them first, but try to show them your ability to live well and let them see and trust you.