Gao Leileilei responded to the Capital Group: I am not talking about the strength of small fresh meat.

 Gao Leileilei responded to the Capital Group: I am not talking about the strength of small fresh meat.

Review of the past:

39-year-old Gao Leileilei is staying abroad again! Join West B team and sign up for sponsorship operation at the end of the year

I just want to do what I like. Theres a lot to be done. Ive always wanted to see how far I can go without maintaining a leadership relationship. The results are satisfactory! (No sponsors start the European Union Cup, 9 years in the Super League, 9 years in overseas leagues) But what is unclear? Japan has Miura Shi Liang whom we respect. While marveling at his tenacious belief, there are countless Japanese sponsors behind him who can not be separated. 80% of the clubs he plays in are the result of his personal sponsorship. And you will not see that he is making money or making a show, the whole Japanese and even Chinese public opinion is to see the spirit of persistence and praise and encourage it!

Look at my situation again? When I joined West B at the age of 40, the sponsor was myself, and I had made unremitting efforts to maintain my competitive status. Who would sign a player who only sponsored the player without competitive status? How knowledgeable people should understand the threshold of West B! If so? Why dont you or any active Chinese player behind the Internet come to West B for a try? They are all very old players. I just want to fulfill my dream again. What Shi Liang of Japan gets is the respect and admiration of Japanese and Chinese public opinion. What I got was the group with capital, hype and show! I am not a little meat artist. Can I replace the competition on the court? A Chinese football player who donated 15 stadiums, schools, buses, houses and assistants to poor areas of my motherland while playing football can not even see the minimum respect! Just because Im not going to spend a second with you??? Do you know why Chinese football is not working? You obviously have the best football seedlings in the world, and we strangle ourselves in the cradle! Im just a student player. I havent spent a day in the system. Its really out of line with your world (Chinese football)! And I have not been shaken by the social changes, because I do not have too high material requirements, so cause you to attack me and the values of the world! I just want to say one more thing, how do you like to spray, how do you spray? If I were to change the society, I would not call Gao Leileilei! Next year, I will continue to donate 21 courses in Guangxi and Shandong. After retirement, they will continue to teach to help children understand sports. Sports is not the Olympic Games and the World Cup, but love! By the way... You can search all the overseas players of China, Japan and Korea by Baidu. How many of them have no sponsors? Look at how much younger they are than me. We need to win respect, garbage must be cleaned up regularly!

We cant cultivate Shiliang Sanpu, because our value is money!

I wish myself a successful final career.

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