Baomas last video was mocked and persuaded to withdraw? Netizens were angry: Where is the spirit of humanization?

 Baomas last video was mocked and persuaded to withdraw? Netizens were angry: Where is the spirit of humanization?

At the Baotou Marathon recently, a runner became the focus of discussion - volunteers took turns to persuade the last runner, and made tremors and ridicule to arouse controversy.

The reason given by the volunteers was that the last contestant was too late to finish the race, which led to the delay in unblocking the road. But there are also objections: as long as the closing time is not exceeded, the competitors have the right to continue the competition.

The volunteers took turns to persuade the last runner, and also made a tremor of mockery, which caused controversy from the outside world. screen shot

The last runner of persuade to quit raises doubts

On the morning of August 18, the first international marathon of Baotou in 2019 started shooting in Baotou City. According to statistics, a total of 15,000 people signed up for the competition.

But after the game, compared with the ownership of the champion, it was the last contestant who caused more discussion on the internet.

After the race, a medical volunteer of the race released a video on the tremble, which was the last runner on the track shot in a bus. The video message was: Baotous last runner in the first marathon, you must insist on walking back, the whole city people are waiting for him to unlock the road.

In the video message, the author said that 10 persuaders persuaded the last player to get on the car. I was so sleepy that he was still walking with his eyes open.

According to netizens, the contestant finally failed to finish the contest and opted out, but the mockery attitude displayed in the video was fermented on the Internet, and the video author subsequently deleted the video.

The video author himself said in his message that it was not close time at that time, so he could not force players to end the game, but persuade them to withdraw.

This detail has led to criticism from netizens. Some people say that volunteers lack respect for the rules and there is no reason to stop competitors from competing before closing time.

Others joked, The penultimate is on the bus. Should the penultimate be on the bus? Should the third from the bottom get on the bus? Hurry up, and the last 30,000 people can get on.

The last contestant has been insisting. screen shot

Runners Call for Respect for the Spirit of Contract

Regarding the controversy over the Baotou Marathon, an insider told the surging journalist that it was a separate act of volunteers, not the order of the organizing committee.

However, the original Committee of the event has not been officially stated so far. Pengchao journalists contacted Inner Mongolia Kunbao Sports Club Co., Ltd., the operator of the event, but the other party did not respond.

Among runners, some people think that road unblocking has an impact on urban traffic, but more people think that both the participants and volunteers should have enough spirit of contract:

The closing time of the event is to give the participants a stage. Participants are not in violation of the rules by the staff of the collective persuasion is unreasonable and reasonable, but also to some extent reflects the inadequate training of the staff.

Wang Xiaogang, a well-known running columnist and coach, told Peng Meis journalists, I personally dont know what happened and I remain neutral. But my point is that its contractual.

When the rules of competition are published, the closing time is written. Athletes also have contracts to participate in the competition. If they exceed the time, they must withdraw from the competition. But if you stick to it within the prescribed time, you can run as long as the doctor doesnt say you cant run.

In addition, Wang Xiaogang revealed that in some running events, special prizes will be awarded to the last runner to commend the runners persistence.

In 2019, 15,000 people participated in the first international marathon in Baotou.

Persistence is also the spirit of running.

In fact, at the London Marathon at the end of April this year, there was a similar controversy - the staff began to remove track facilities and sprinkle water while the slower runners were still racing, and some even taunted the slower runners.

Such a situation aroused public anger. The final result was a survey conducted by the London Marathon Organizing Committee, which finally admitted that there was such a phenomenon. In addition to apologizing and saying that the changes would be made, 678 runners who finished the race seven hours later were given a direct quota for the 2020 race.

Indeed, for marathon, the ultimate sport, through the end has been the ideal goal of many people, the reason why people are fond of marathon is also because of the spirit of the sport.

In many running events at home and abroad, there will be some care for those who are not competent or in a really bad condition on the day - if they cant finish the race in closed time, they can also get the medal after passing the finish line, although they have no official results.

On the premise of meeting competition rules and safety, applauding those moments of persistent struggle is also the charm of running.

Source: Responsible Editor of Pengmei News Network: Cao Liyuan_NS1806