Emerys Publicity: Mustafi, lets go. Arsenal wishes you all the best.

 Emerys Publicity: Mustafi, lets go. Arsenal wishes you all the best.

Emery made no secret of saying: Some of the players in our squad understand their situation. For example, El Neni and Mustafi, they know their position in the team, I really hope that every player can be happy here, I hope everyone can play, but I cant do that. Last year, Mustafi and El Neni didnt have much time to play and they were not happy.

Last year, I talked to them. In the summer pre-season, I talked to them again. I think theyd better leave the team and sign with other teams. They can play in the new team and have fun and continue their career. They are all good players, but for various reasons, they have limited playing time in our team. They know their situation and I really want to give them my best wishes.

I think their best choice is to play for other teams, sign contracts with new teams and find new challenges. We respect them, they are still training with us, but they know their situation. Emery said.

In addition, Emery revealed that 72 million in support of Pepe is expected to start this weekend: Against Newcastle, he played for 15 minutes. He played 45 minutes against Burnley. This weekend, he is ready to get more playing time. The most important thing is to make him happy and make him feel at home here.

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